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Ransomes Cultivation Equipment:

Kinze 3600 No-Till Interplant Corn Planter:

Constant Mods:
Universal PTO & Hydraulic Mod:
Manual Ignition Mod:

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39 Replies to “Farming Simulator 2013 Mod Spotlight – S2E10 – Corn and Cultivation”

  1. I've found on some modded tractors, using keypad enter key will start and shut the tractor off if they have manual ignition built in, instead of using the 'Y' key.

  2. go to fs-uk go to download Salem look at the pictures 1 of them shows a bunch of vehicles the guy gave a link to a web site that how i got them

  3. Der, I can almost assure you that the Fords cause some lag. I had them installed before you spotlighted them, and my computer lagged quite a bit. I deleted them, and the lag was gone, and my computer sucks, so it's pretty sensitive to lag. I just find it a shame. I like Fords, and there's so few good Ford mods.

  4. Also btw the ford with the push plough and also probs the new holland have the plough mod! That s what causes the lean! IRL the ploughs leave furrow (little ditchl that the tractors wheels then drive in it and line the plough up on the next turn.

  5. Hey der you missed some ploughs out of the ransom pack! Oh and in the eu we don't have huge mazie drills (seeders) like in USA as the roads around here are to small the biggest is probably the horsch 12 machine!

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