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Firebase Analytics is the newest addition to Googles Analytics tools which is built primarily with Mobile Apps in mind. In this video, we are going to take a look at how to install it on an Android app. And I’m going to give you a quick overview on the interface.

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Logging Events with Firebase
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21 Replies to “Firebase Analytics Tutorial – How to track Mobile Apps”

  1. Any information on using Firebase to integrate with Facebook SDK and why events are not tracking in ads manager?

  2. What is this "Bundle" thing that we need to add to the code? It doesn't work and I don't know how it's supposed to be integrated into the code? Please help?

  3. Cool but i have question. What if i have two separate apps that are using same application id (for google play purposes) . One is android mobile, other one is android TV. How can i configure this to only show Firebase events from android TV app, without changing application-ID from build.gradle. I think i can use FirebaseApp and initialize it with some unique string that will be same as string i will input in Firebase console when creating new app (It won't be the same as the one in application-id). But i did not found a way to than connect that FirebaseApp with Firebase Analytics object which have method logEvent. Can you help me, do you have any idea?

  4. Hi Julian,

    Is it possible to check how many conversions we got from different sources? I think this is vital information in developing apps. We can check everything in GA for web page, but how to do it if we have a mobile app? There is nothing like that in firebase so maybe we shoud integrate Google Analytics with firebase if it is possible?

  5. Excellent tutorial. One doubt – What if we migrate from google anlytics? How the historical data can be meregd in firebase analytics????

  6. Hi, I added to json code in app, but I can not see source of our event(only direct). I saw direct and not set source in events. How can ı see google/organic and google/cpc in source of event? Thanks a lot!

  7. Wow, this is way too cool than i expected! I was hoping if there is more video about it? I hope you can make more video of such topic! Looking-forward 🙂

    Anyway, i was hoping if i could get some feedback on this open source android app I have posted below? I am a beginner and hope to learn on how to improve it…

    bit. ly/2SJ8b7g

    Sorry about the shortened link having spaces in between… Will appreciate if you could remove the spaces to access this google play store app.

    thanks a-hundred !!

  8. I'm trying to do this in Unity, my set up is good because FirebaseAnalytics.LogEvent("Begin_New_Game"); works fine!
    However, in unity C#, I cant create a bundle? the ide doesnt recognise "Bundle" as anything. Am I missing a "using"?
    I feel like im so close! thanks for any help from anyone know knows what i've missed out. thanks

  9. Hi, do You have any content about How to track Mobile Apps using GTM? I am founding for a long time but doesn´t exist content in video. Thanks.

  10. We want to know how to set up "custom events", ie events that a user performs and then gets tracked
    We want to know how to make a marketing campaign in the form of banners (multiple) and then be able to track them (conversions) and also analyze which campaign performs better.
    We also have a web view where we accept payments, we would like to create a new conversion / event that tracks all payments, both in-app and web-view. For this purpose, we will provide you with JavaScript code examples and an explanation of how the path from event / conversion setup to code installation is. (since we can not see a Tioken or key at an event when we create it there)

  11. Hi Julian! I had a issue about the importing the events/conversions to adwords from firebase. I linked accounts from firebase, i ve checked from adwords to see if it s linked, so it is! Then in adwords account, when I want to import the conversions from firebase….it s empty, nothing… Notice!! In firebase i have all the events/conversions, also I can see from Analytics. Why? Can you help me? Thanks!

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