Fix Compass Calibration Issues on Android [How-To]

The Right Way to Calibrate Your Compass on Android
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In this video, I’ll be showing you the proper way to calibrate your compass on Android. A lot of newer devices are having issues with compass calibration, which results in the Google Maps app asking you to perform some gesture every time you look for directions.

But that gesture doesn’t really do anything, so you’ll just see the same message again next time. Instead, use this figure-8 pattern to properly calibrate your compass, and those calibration messages should be gone for good.

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  • I had to take my phone out of its case, I think the magnetic closure was affecting the calibration. I did the stupid carpal tunnel figure-8 wave a few times, then I slowly rotated the phone 360 degrees with the screen facing me. That seems to have done the trick. 🙂

  • Finally a video that actually shows you how to properly do it thank you very much! The diagram that shows you on the phone to do it. the gesture is nothing like what you just did I've been trying to figure this thing out for the past 3 years thanks again

  • Finally a tip that works. Wave it like a glowstick at a rave. It worked! No more looking like I'm pretending my phone is a toy aeroplane… lol

  • My phone an S10e says north is directly west. I calibrated it and it is still saying that. My wifes Samsung A5 says north is north.

  • I had issues while trying VR on my phone, I tried every indian tutorials, to no avail. But this trick took me like 10 seconds and the gyroscope/accelerator seems to work as new! Thanks!

    Edit: Ok so it only works if I keep the localisation activated :/
    Edit 2: Ok so I downloaded a gyroscope test and it works normally, but the Google Cardboard app doesn't work well… I think it uses the accelerometer instead of the gyroscope.

  • nap….didn't work for me. location dot works on real time map. but system says compass needs to be set but wont
    respond to any methods…..go figure???

  • Sorry but the method shown here doesnt calibrate anything.

    Open your Home Google Map . . . tap or hold down the solid blue dot that represents your current location until it turns into a red balloon and release.

    As this turns to red a Popup "Calibrate" Button will appear along the bottom of your screen and usually be covered by advertising.

    Tap the balloon to rid of the advertising and press the Calibrate button.
    Then Do whatever method suites you . . . 3 axis / figure 8 / the wave . . . whatever.

    I prefer to take my S10+ out on the back deck at night or the weee hrs of the am when there is a clear sky and let it sit there face down tilted west for 20 mins while the EMI is at its lowest. Works for me . . .

    I get a Strong Accuracy reading of 12.4 ft but it doesnt act like it. I acts like 50 ft. because of the poor hardware in my new phone.

  • I keep my new S10+ calibrated to 12.4 ft. . . sometimes I get 18 or 20 L1 sateites out of 20 but No L5 satelites.

    However, I still I find myself sitting at a red light . . . 1st in line on the white stripe . . . waiting to turn . . . and Google Maps says I still have 50 ft more to go before I should turn?

    That can make a big difference and become confusing especially when a split second decision has to made at higher speeds.

    So . . . 12.4 ft accuracy is supposedly what GPS Essentials says I get . . . is better than most from what I read . . . and will be the best I will ever get. Just doesn't mean much to me . . . ???

    The problem is . . . as I see it is that . . . my S10+ ( as most new phones ) still only operate on a Single Frequency instead of the much more accurate / avilable and faster Dual Frequency that greatly improves accuracy.

    Samsug & Others promised integration of this Dual Freq. Chip into their smartphones 2 yrs ago . . . but sofar has Never Delivered

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