[FIX] Fastboot & Flashmode drivers not working – WIN 8.1

As you all may now, Microsoft pushed the new driver stack in Windows 8.1 so ALL (not only USB 3.0) devices must provide a BOS descriptor. Sony ADB and Fastboot doesn’t, so Windows fails to enumerate the device which is reported in Device Manager as error code 43.

This also may help if you have a USB drive or mouse and it stopped working after you upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

1. Download Compatibility update:
2. Install it
3. Restart PC
4. Enjoy

How to install driver for Xperia on PC:
1.Download flashtool and install it
2. Go to flashtool folder
3. Search for folder named as “Drivers
4. Run flashtool-driver.exe
5. Choose fastboot mode and flashmode drivers at bottom and click next
6. Windows may ask you for permission to install drivers ,click yes.
7. Drivers are installed 😉


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