[ Fix ] How to Bypass Installation Aborted Status 7 Error in ROM Installation

How to Fix Installation Aborted Status 7 in The Recovery
[ Fix ] How to Bypass Installation Aborted Status 7 in The Recovery
[Solved] Rom Installation Aborted Status 7 Android Samsung Galaxy
when you install a new rom or zip update
Worked For Me With
CM Cyanogenmod + Paranoid Android
how to fix “Status 7 Error” when installing a custom ROM with CWM Recovery
Status 7 errors are caused when the ROM’s updater script file checks to see if the phone model of your phone is compatible for the ROM you are installing. These Asserts are a safety mechanism so you don’t accidentally install another phone model’s ROM on your phone. E.g. Installing a Galaxy S3 ROM on a Galaxy S4 and ending up hard-bricking your phone.
assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”)/(­Status 7) Installation aborted.
How to edite update-script.


# Download WinRAR

# Download NotePad ++

# How to Fix Installation Aborted Status 6 ?

# Still Get Installation Aborted After Following The Tutorial ?
-Then The Problem is that you’re running an incompatible recovery type/version with the ROM or the update package that you’re Trying to install.

-So You have to Search For a new version of The Recovery & Install it then Retry to Install the ZIP.

-For Some Samsung Devices : How to Get a new recovery compatible with Your Phones & with the system you’re trying to install ?

open the ZIP of your ‘UPDATE PACKAGE’ then you’ll find a file named “boot.img”
extract only this file to anywhere to your computer.
then follow this tutorial to convert that .img file to .tar file then install the new .tar file via odin to get a new recovery compatible with Your Phones & with the system you’re trying to install so you’ll not get any ny installation aborted errors.
[ ]

————————[Useful Comments]————————
This fix might work for some but it didn’t work for me. What actually did work for me and what I haven’t seen anywhere as a solution is checking if your Hboot version is right. You need a certain version or higher to be able to install android 4.1JB or higher. Something like Hboot 1.25 or higher.. I use Hboot 1.39. I hope someone finds this usefull, took me more then a day to figure out.

By OilSlickJimmy:
Good tutorial, however – it didn’t work for me. What I found was that adjusting the file then gave me Status 6 error. So I reinstalled 10.2 Cyanogen Mod, downloaded Clockwork Mod Rom Manager and got the latest


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