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Fix Ps3 Slim Won’t Recognize Wd Usb 3.0 External HDD
Fix Ps3 Slim does not Recognise Seagate Usb 3.0 External HDD

It is simply because the drive is not set up properly, include delete (forced) EFI partition if there is any, change from GPT to MBR and format it properly to FAT32 via guiformat.exe if you want the drive to be larger than 32Gb


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  1. Thanks, the no sound and no explanation made it hard to follow, but deleting the partitions, converting my 1tb drive to mbr, creating a new simple volume on the entire disk, then converting it to fat32 with the GUI worked perfectly for me. Thanks for the help.

  2. I have used easeUS and that worked with some drives, I've used GUIformat tool that worked for some but one that seems to work with every drive is called "SmartDiskFAT32formatUtility1.0.0.1" Google that download that plug your 1tb or in my case 2tb external wd elements.. run the program. Format it and plug into your ps3 and boom it works!!

  3. Subscribed!!! Was going crazy to find a solution till I bounce up this wonderful video. THANKS A LOT, saved me from buying a next HDD

  4. i have a 298 kinda HDD idk how muche but iy didn't work my PS3 run only the USB idk what is the problem i have done the steps corretly without problems but theres a 3rd space left thats not formated to anything still black

  5. Didnt think this shit would actually work – but it did. Thank you man, you saved me from putting my fist through both the monitor and the wall.

  6. I am going to try this when i get home. I have a seagate 500GB that suddenly the PS3 stopped reading after i added games. My modded Wii can read it as well as my Xbox one. One last try before i go back to Fat32.

  7. I've done this 3 times in a row now and still nothing. The light on hdd has always came on but nothing ever comes up on the screen?

  8. Thanks! In Win 7 "Convert to MBR" wasn't available, but I found this:

    DISKPART> delete partition override

    DiskPart successfully deleted the selected partition.

    DISKPART> list partition

    There are no partitions on this disk to show.

    DISKPART> clean

    DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

    DISKPART> convert mbr

    DiskPart successfully converted the selected disk to MBR format.


  9. FINALLY SOLVED! LOOK UP ~RUFUS USB in google~ download that and format your usb for MBR! NOT GPT! AND FAT32! You should be good!

  10. Had a external HDD that didn't want to be detected by my PS3, saw in your vid to convert the disk to MBR from in disk management and that solved my problem. Thanks!

  11. excellent! it worked for me. Many thanks. My only criticism of this video is that you dont mention in the title or description that this is a tutorail on how to partition the disk too, whereas most people dont need to partition they just want an HDD to work on the PS3. So maybe add one of those speech bubbles to your video advising that you dont have to put "70,000" in simple volume options – as users should just leave it as default if they dont want a partition.

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