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Did you get locked out of your device because of the ‘To start Android, enter your password’? You need not worry as you can easily solve the error by following this video.

Mi forums thread:

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23 Replies to “Fix: To start Android, enter your password”

  1. it worked 100% after formatting in twrp
    thanks a lot bro
    you just save my phone and got a new subscriber
    keep it up . <3

  2. How to fix this without TWRP. I'm using Cyanogen Mod 12.1. How can I fix it? Whenever I try to clear data using Cyanogen's Recovery it shows E:failed to mount data something. Can you help?

  3. Perfeito, resolveu o meu problema.
    Perfect, congratulations to you for your tutorial, thanks of Brasil.

  4. bhai maine kal evolution x 4.1 rom flash ki thi
    recovery meri orange fox hai
    ab boot karne par password maang raha hai
    maine koi bhi password nahi daala tha apne asus zenfone max pro m1 me
    ab mai apne mobile ko use nahi kar paa raha kya karoo?
    plese help

  5. You don't need to wipe your data. If you know your password and can access your device, just remove your lock screen password and recreate it. It should ask you if you want to enter it on boot. If that doesn't work, you'll need to root your device and use Cryptfs Password app to decrypt your data.

  6. I forgot my pin, and is stuck with the boot lock screen. It’s not connected to internet and safemode is different. I can’t mount it on my pc because it wont detect my phone.

    I have 3 tries left before it wipes my phone. Help

    The phone is :
    Asus zenfone 3

  7. Sir, I use an asus phone and after updating it to android 10 beta, I'm facing the same issue. I had a 4 digit pin for unlocking my phone, even after entering it, I'm getting the display of ''wrong password''. I hope you can help me and looking forward to your reply at the earliest.

  8. now i learned the hard lesson of always removing fingerprint and pattern before flashing custom rom on any device
    Edit: it was actually a problem with the pixel 4 ROM I used because other people also reported the same problem

  9. Thank you so much! I installed a custom ROM and none of my previous PINs were working to unlock it, but wiping data allowed me to boot into the OS. Thank you!!!!

  10. hi I happened to delete the kika emoji keyboard in my apps. now when I off power and open it again. I cant see any keyboard. I had my password set now no keyboard there is no way I can open up my Samsung j3pro. Do you able to guide me in it so everyone can share and thumb up you more and more.

  11. HI,
    My password is alphanumeric & my Gboard keep crashing .Am not able to unlock my phone.Please do help me.
    Thanks in Adv.

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