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A video appreciating the Cuteness of Taiga, and the cute voice of Kugimiya, Rie The voice of tsundere god.This came out 10 years ago let that sink in for a moment.I just noticed sooner or later I will have to make a For Shana Fans video too.

Anime Used :
Toradora! [ J.C Staff ]
My Rating 8.5 / 10

Characters :
isaka, Taiga ~ CV/VA : Kugimiya, Rie

My Anime Review : First of all let me tell you guys that this show and Ef a tale of two is what got me hooked on Anime in the first place. Now for the review. It is a really really good show It might feel like your typical normal generic school romance anime but Toradora did it better, much better. I scored it low because I still ship Ami X Ryuuji.

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25 Replies to “For Aisaka, Taiga Fans”


  2. So you've finally done the Palmtop Tiger! THANK YOU!

    That horse sound at 0:39 never fails to make me laugh! XD

  3. One of the cuttest little thing out there 🥰
    yes, she's violent but she's as cute as violent so no prob

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