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In this tutorial we go over how to enable the USB debugging mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9. You must first enable Developer options then within the developer options you can find USB debugging along with many other modes as well.

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38 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8/9: How to Enable USB Debugging Mode”

  1. Thanks for the info, but the usb port still doesn't recognize my thumbdrive. I know the the thumbdrive works and the use port also works, but it just doesn't recognize files.

  2. When I hit my build number 7 times and it says my developer options are enable but when I press back to go the the setting screen developer options does not appear under about phone what does that mean or what do I do

  3. After updating my phone my phone kept popping up debating then my music won't play while on other apps anymore every since I updated my phone stopped working I need help I have the note 9 help someone

  4. Hi thanks got problem note 8, want to link phone to smarts witch but wi sows doesn't recognize the USB. I did de debugging enable. But they say u have to enable USB conexion to mtp, in my phone that option down appear only option. Only ages;omly charge/midi/ etc but no mtp


  5. Hi, after I followed the instruction to enable USB debugging, I still can't see the icon of the USB when i connect it to the PC to open the file folder in the PC. Only it shows the charging, not perform the file transfer to PC, did I do it right or it's missing software like Samsung's Kies utility?

  6. Thanks man,
    But wtf samsung
    Why hide it???
    Edit: still not detecting, i tried to another samsung note 9 it work but to my phone nope… 😭😭😭

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