Getting Started in Adobe Character Animator (2017 – ARCHIVED)

Note: This video has been updated! See the 2020 version here:

This is a simple walkthrough of creating a basic character in Adobe Character Animator CC. After going through this tutorial, you should be able to create an animated character with head tracking, responsive eyes and eyebrows, realtime lip sync, and a body with draggable limbs. Because this is an older tutorial, the character “Blank Face” and “Chloe” have since been updated.

0:13 Lesson 1: Learning the Basics
3:47 Lesson 2: Eyes and Eyebrows
7:46 Lesson 3: Mouths and Lip Sync
11:09 Lesson 4: Building a Simple Body

Download Character Animator:
Download free example projects and puppets: (official adobe pack) and (okay samurai puppet pack)
Check out the official forums:

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  • Thank you so much for all the tutorials, they are so well done and so easy to understand, Really thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I'm starting from zero in Character Animoator 3.0 (no previous experience).
    It seems the blank face in the former "Start" "Templates" has been replaced by Chad in the current "Home" "Example Puppets."
    Is the blank face still available somewhere? (Not the character called Blank who's available on the Adobe website)

  • When I saw that every downloadable you give is free, i immediately subscribed thinking this is a good person!!! thankssss

  • Great software but piss poor interface…Why can't I create folders for puppets? Where is the bin icon? Terrible…Adobe team chilling too much again…these monopolies like Adobe and Google are cancerous with their complacence and arrogance towards customers who have no alternative…anti-trust needs to step in

  • Bad news! Steve Lucas is leaving Adobe:

  • When I open ca caracter it automaticallly opens blender and it crashes. How can I change it to illustrator or photoshop?
    Please help!

  • This is a great tutorial. I teach High School A/V Production and also teach and Intro course to our Animation Program. We are looking into expanding into Adobe Animate and Character Animator. This video will help us with the process. Thanks and great work on the channel!

  • Oye! Soy Jai Delgadillo, Animador Profesional y emprendedor digital, te doy la bienvenida al curso “Adobe Character Animator CC en Español ”. En este curso iras de la mano conmigo y aprenderás a usar las herramientas y opciones de esta aplicación para la animación profesional de personajes usando gestos de tu rostro gracias a la magia del motioncapture. A pesar de que se trata de un curso profesional, personalmente me he divertido mucho desarrollándolo, grabándolo y estoy má que seguro tú también te divertirás aprendiendo a usarlo. El curso inicia con una introducción dedicada a conceptos fundamentales de Adobe Character Animator para luego a preparar personajes creados con Illustrator o Photoshop. Posteriormente aprenderemos a editar y controlar nuestros Puppets o Marionetas en Adobe Character Animator así como a grabar la interacción de estos Puppets y exportar las escenas a una pieza final de animación. Regístrate ya y aprende a trabajar de forma profesional con ACA



  • I was looking for a lip sync video months ago and could not find a good one. You might increase your views by adding better keywords.

  • does anyone know how to keep the character active while not actually in the adobe ch window? i click off to my 2nd screen to scroll a browser or move an object and the NDI feed just stops. Adobe Character still works, I can see the puppet moving. The NDI feed though, just nothing.

  • When I try to click "Blank Face (Photoshop)"->"Edit"->Edit Original" nothing happens.. I have photoshop open, but I cant get the photoshop version of Blank Face (with all its helpful folders!) to open. Please Help!

  • is there a way to preset animation cycles for individual body part groups? It would be awesome to add some gesturing with the hands as I speak. Also is there something like the frame picker from Animate?

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