Getting Started in Adobe Character Animator

Updated for 2020! This is a simple walkthrough of creating a basic character in Adobe Character Animator CC. After going through this tutorial, you should be able to create an animated character with head tracking, responsive eyes and eyebrows, realtime lip sync, and a body with draggable limbs.

0:00 Lesson 1: Learning the Basics
3:56 Lesson 2: Eyes and Eyebrows
8:12 Lesson 3: Mouths and Lip Sync
11:46 Lesson 4: Building a Body

Download Character Animator:
Download free example projects and puppets: (official adobe pack) and (okay samurai puppet pack)
Check out the official forums:

Share your creations online with #CharacterAnimator!
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  • Why didn't anyone tell me this channel exists..i have been nagging around for so long… finally I've reached the great beyond ❤

  • Great! I wanted to learn but didn't want to watch 1 hour long video. You were short, simple and clear! Subscribing

  • I don't know how to add a new layer for face background. Your format is different than what I have. Can someone explain?

  • So I've been trying to figure out triggering cycle layers, and I don't know if it's because I have the newest version, but I'm not finding any information on how to trigger a cycle layer that hides the default pieces. in the older version, you show making a cycle layer to animate the eye brows, but do not explain how to hide the default eyebrows. You do give the explanation of the Hide Others In group, but that only works when they are all in the same hierarhcy and in the same group (the example given was the hand which only swapped defferent hand poses which were not animated cycle layers, just still layers all hidden in the Hands group.) I'm also not even finding where this Hide Others In Group button is. It's not showing up under triggers or the cycle animation options.

  • Hey man, I want to learn character animator. Can you please let me know from where to start. Which video of yours is best for watching first?

  • I am so excited! I can't wait to get designing and creating with this program. Thanks for the tutorials

  • This was a great tutorial vid. Clear, concise, and very informative. It makes me excited to try out this new software.

  • can you use footage of someones face? or does it have to be live with a camera?

  • Question regarding the set-up for the animation story, is it best to draw out all the characters and the backgrounds before anything else? What would you recommend?

  • Thanks for the great tutorial!! BTW, how do you get the timestamp to show in the video player? That's so convenient!

  • Avee player , the only animation interaction I have🙃,
    But that really helped me understanding this.

  • Character animotor is a game changer, that's why I finally bought into creative suite. However I am having a problem getting my puppet to open in Photoshop at 2:21

  • Thanks dude, great job, but for example at 7'45 you work way to fast for a beginner…i tried to watch more than 10 times, and it is impossible to understand what you are doing…

  • Thanks so much for this. I just spent a grip of time trying to learn Animate, but I think this is more what I need. Great overview video. Thanks!

  • the nouths are not working for me. sometimes a some of them work but F or W-o doesnt appear as much as i try some help?

  • Hello, I've been watching a lot of these videos, but I cant find what I'm looking for. I am making videos in Premier Pro and I want to add these characters to do the 'facecam' instead of me and my face. Is it possible to export a video made in Character Animator to have a transparent background (like a green screen) that I can import in Premier Pro?

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