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1. Guide for Extract UPDATE.APP

2. SRKTOOL Huawei


29 Replies to “[GUIDE] How to fastboot IMG (BOOT,RECOVERY,SYSTEM) file from UPDATE.APP (HUAWEI)”

  1. I tried unlocking bootloader with code. It's now stuck saying the bootloader has been unlocked and isnt being read by any of the tools on my computer. help?

  2. C:UsersMartinDesktopimg>fastboot flash system SYSTEM.img
    target reported max download size of 471859200 bytes
    sending sparse 'system' (454844 KB)…
    OKAY [ 13.003s]
    writing 'system'…
    FAILED (remote: sparse flash write failure)
    finished. total time: 13.034s


  3. I'm getting "Fail command not allowed" error. I tried the 'dload' solution but it didn't help and I can't even boot to TWRP firmware (it keeps stuck at boot). My device isn't even rooted as of now but It's working with a problematic firmware. Any ideas?

  4. Hi respected sir I have huawei p9 lite vns-l21 and I have flashed my phone with a ROM and now it doesn't setup after welcome screen I want to format whole phone and flash a new ROM. I want to connect my phone with PC fast boot tool but I get error waiting for device or no device found.i have unlocked frp n phone. now how can I connect without an os or developer options/USB debugging on ?? I'm unable to start the current os and go to settings.

  5. ขอบคุณครับผม Unbrick ได้แล้ว ใช้คำสั่งจากที่พี่ใช้เลยครับ แต่ของผมเป็น GR5 2017 ครับ

  6. dind't work for me… I already was expecting this… I tried with lots of ways, and no one works… My phone is crashing… I can't solve his problem….

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