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This guide will teach you how to install android onto the Kobo Touch/Kobo Glo

What you will need:
-Guitar Pick/Flathead screwdriver/ credit card, etc

Glo Image:

Touch Image:

-Above not working? (Mirror): ask me

1. Open up case as shown in video
2. Remove MicroSD card
3. Plug SD card into computer. NOTE: DO NOT click format
4. Open up Win32DiskManager and select a directory to store your backup
5. type up any random image name (e.g. Backup.img)
6. Click READ. This may take some time.
7. With the same program, select the image from the zip and click Write. Choose according to your model (Glo, Touch)
8. Insert SD card into Kobo and boot. NOTE: You may need to insert paper clip into reset button once.




33 Replies to “[GUIDE] Install Android 2.3.4 onto Kobo Touch/Glo”

  1. Help! I done everything in this, and it works, but the screen size is too big! I only see half of the screen, help anyone? (I have Kobo quilt touch black)

  2. U can use any other sd card but just remember to format
    I used a 2gb sd card rather than the 4 gb one that was in the system
    i used it cause i thought the 4gb one was corrupted but was fine

  3. Every comment is atleast 4 years old… i think i am sooooo late to the party…well i just started out with e ink reader a week ago.

  4. It is perfect, mine was dead and now is working perfectly, and it fell from a plane. It was stopped of course. 😉

  5. i can not get this to work on my mac, i tried unetbootin and i have the same kobo on the reader. what program can i use?

  6. Hello, trying to remove Android from the Kobo and write back the original firmware I made a mistake and I formatted the SD card. It seems also that my Backup doesn't work. There is someone that can dump his KoboGlo internal Sd card and send to me the dump? Thanks

  7. Thanks for the video, The link for the rom download isn't working is there somewhere else I can download it from?

  8. would you happen to know if this works for Kobo Glo HD? it doesn't have a Light button. just a power button. Your input would be very valuable. Thanks.

  9. Hey @Electronic Hackz can you upload your back up of the OS of the kobo glo. My memory is damaged and I can't make a back up, and I would like to copy the OS to another memory card

  10. Wouldn't it be better just to buy yourself a cheap android? I got the kobo arc for the same price as an e-ink reader at a normal electronics store. Some hacks maybe worth it,  but I think this one would not be worth the hassle and risk to a perfectly good e-reader on which you comfortably read great ebooks.

  11. Thank you so much for the tutorial. This looks easier to me comparing to the other method Dual boot. Can this android change system language to chinese?

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