Guide to registering your ADATA product and getting an Acronis key

Many ADATA products are bundled with free Acronis software. We show you how to register your ADATA product and quickly get an Acronis key

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ADATA guide to installing Acronis 2013 data migration software►
ADATA guide to installing Acronis 2015 data migration software►


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  • anyone know how many times you have installed this? like with the 1 key, 1 installation or any limits like this?
    eg, I havent confirmed with samsung but it seems to only allow you to clone the current C boot drive.

  • What sucks is to even use their utility to use their ssd drives they force you to make an account after you spend a fortune on their items.

  • HERE THE SITE > Macrium transfer ssd to nand the adata pro ssd chit u all site etc

  • A FOOKIN PAIN IN THE ASS I ENTERED S/N" AND WHAT WARRANTY CODE SAME NO WONT REGISTER THANK;s Mate I'LL GO USE THAT MACRIUM app i tried 2 others but rebooted nothing happened i unplugged 1st sdd & all after nope 1WEEK OF CHIT
    >> Ass%^&* MSI new PC rigg dvd apps drivers >> etc have fooked my computer no sound online here or games a total night mare 1 waited 5 years to try MSI & for what ? total fooked apps wish i could turn back time & cont with Gigabyte but then a gain there chit is basically the same as MSI 🙂 we can't win these fukers want your id: to sy you bout their chit i guess 7 want control so you spend days fuking about on the pc 🙁 totally wankers these NERDS we should push them off a cliff asian & usa ?c/o junkies

  • solucion:
    Le mande correo a ADATA soporte y ellos me contestaron esto:
    Gracias por su consulta.

    Después de adquirir una clave de activación debe crear una cuenta con ACRONIS.

    Al tener su cuenta debe ingresar a ella para después ingresar la clave de activación (la que te mando ADATA).

    Coméntenos si tiene otra duda o complicación.

    y funciono, acronis limitado pero funcional para hacer copias de discos.

  • The Acronis it is asking for a 64 digit serial number, and the ADATA page give me a 16 digit serial number. Please answer how to resolve this.

  • Since you don't seem to be willing to update the info for your paying customers, HERE IS AN UPDATE:
    If you are using Acronis, instead of Macrium's software (which is so much superior and hassle-free), you now have to go through one additional step.
    You have to "get the activation code' and fill out a whole form that demand your personal info such as full name, email. In that form, you will be asked to enter the 16-character code that is shown in the video. ONLY THEN you will be given an entirely new 64-digit code, which you have to get to get software to do its job.
    (The fact that ADATA puts Macrium's software on top makes me want to believe that they are not updating this info because they actually do want you to use theirs instead of Acronis' wtf)

  • On the Adata SX8200 I just purchased, there is no warranty code! Not on the box and not on the item. What do I enter under warranty code? Nothing I've tried works.

  • ADATA:: But what if you Purchased it from and the from the direct ADATA Store website, will it still go through to get the Registration successfully done?? And be able to download the Acronis Software?. i ask cuz i had problems with trying to Register other Software, and would not Recognize the DATE of Purchase.

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