H96 Max Android TV Box – RK3318 – 4GB+64GB – Under $40 – Any Good?

H96 Max Android TV Box – RK3318 – 4GB+64GB
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CPU: RK3318 Quad-core
64GB Internal Storage
Dual Band Wifi a/b/g/n
Bluetooth v4.0
Full Android v.9.0 Pie
Supports 1080p
HDMI v2.0a
5.1 Surround Sound
IR Remote (No Voice)

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  • I have the H96 Max box. Every time I turn on the box I have to turn up the volume on the box using the remote control. It's annoying. I keep messing with the settings but keeps doing it.

  • I to have this box, now I know why it stalls much of the time. One thinks Ahhh it has the 9 chip so it has to be fast, not so as u proved. I see another box on your list that is low cost but still scores a. Big 9. Might check it out, thnx.

  • is it possible to watch also HBO go on this device, i tried to install it from google play and when I run the app its not possible and I have only information screen about porblem with internet conncetion

  • I bought this box and after installing an app when i try to run the app i get an androidmanifest.xml error anyone know how to fix this?

  • I like this android box its simple and fast the only problem i have is the remote you have to point it directly at the box for it to work unlike the mi box i can take the remote to another part of the house and turn channels another problem is the remote is too loud literally CLICK CLCK CLICK if your partner is sleeping while u using the remote a fight will insue due to lack of sleep other than that its a great product. Plus the mic doesnt work it keeps saying i coukdnt hear you oh well i still like the produuct

  • can you instal a third party launcher like Nova Launcher on this and change the home screen to look like you want?

  • Hi Mate,having problems with connecting with Bluetooth,it is paired,where do I go to stream from phone to tv,I am a novice at this..cheers.

  • What did you expect from a RK3318? This box sells for $20 shipped (mine is from Gearbest, 18Euro).
    I do have a few other boxes for my TVs (older, Android 5.1, higher CPU speed) but this one actually seems to run OK for my purposes. I do not believe nor need the 4k hype anyways.
    What REALLY is bothersome: this box works pre-rooted in an odd way: no SuperSU, no control over granting root rights to any new or updated app! This is a barn door opened wide for any virus or hack, be VERY careful when adding new apps or updating anything; you will not even KNOW the access it grants to anything and anybody!
    If you try to install SuperSU on it you risk bricking the box, with a nasty recovery procedure to follow.
    Unrooting is advisable (only one method seems to work), adding a 'real' root like Magisk is difficult, other FW may be the only way to make it run stable and safe.
    In its current state several 'root sensitive' apps/games will NOT run on this device for a reason.
    I restored 180+ typical apps from my other TV boxes onto this device – all but the latest Titanium Backup tool seem to work fine. KODI won't update but connected to my home server in a jiffy, all this initial setup took just a few hours.

    Ah: and add some spacers/feet on its bottom to let it breath, as it seems to run at full throttle on all cores (1.1GHz, 4 cores) at any time, even without any real CPU load..
    For $20 I did not expect much more; it serves as a replacement for a 'smart' (=dumb) TV just fine. With a $6 handheld 2.4GHz keyboard/touchpad it works like a real PC, anywhere on any screen or home theatre system, perfect for me!
    Will it last? We'll see..


  • how is the 4k work with the HDMI cable, and not with the usb as you say you tested it..i bet it shines like a charm..

  • सर मैने H96Max अँड्रॉइड rk3318 लिया है लेकीन सेटअप करणे के बाद वह TV मे No Singnl दिखा रहा है। एक बार सेटअप हुआ है दोनो HDMI पोर्ट मे लगाके देखा बॉक्स Boot होता है और time भी दिखात है …मेरी मदत किजीए

  • My TV is only full hd not 4k so i dont give a damn about 4k performance, all I wanna run on there is 1080p max videos from USB (including 10 bit mkv), 1080p crunchyroll premium, maybe kissanime 1080p through browser, and YouTube 1080p. Thats it.

    I know YouTube 1080p works fine, but can you confirm the other things I mentioned also work perfectly? In that case I'm more then happy, especially since I got the 2 gb ram 16 gb rom version on black friday so I literally only paid 15 euros shipped on aliexpress. 😍

  • I just tried this box it's cheaply made works good with movie apps and YouTube I like the main screen it works good just gets a little hot at times.. good review keep up the good work.

  • Czy ktoś instalował na tym urządzeniu Delta Media Player i jeśli tak to jak działa w sensie ewentualnego zacinania się oraz czy działa na full screen?

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