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Here is a DVR receiver provided by a company and I was wondering if it is possible to get the movies out of the receiver, after the service is disconnected.


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  1. "Hacking" has a meaning. And this is not it.
    This is possibly "hacked' but since you did not show how, nor even begin to describe the USB connection, this is just click-bait.

  2. I jumped though hoops and I still can't access the files… what am i doing wrong? LOL… Faking waste of time FU OP!

  3. And this is DISH, and it's just not possible with DirecTv DVR's. First of all they are Linux based, the data is not only encrypted on the drive but encrypted to the specific DVR that the drive was installed in.
    To date nobody has been able to pull actual video files off of a DirecTv DVR hard drive, even though they are just a SATA drive like you have in your computer.

  4. Can you please tell us how you were able to get the videos off the DVR hard drive.
    Also I thought all these STB receiver DVRs the files on them are encrypted to stop access to the drive.

  5. So if the dish box formats using a propriotary format how is your pc recognizing the drive? Does anyone know how to force the hopper to format an external hdd? I think my format process failed

  6. Why didn't you show us that the files will actually play? Often times, there are hidden files that are needed in order to view the MPEG video. I know this because of my experience in saving/viewing videos from my home video surveillance system. After uploading the videos to my PC to a dedicated folder, I enabled "show hidden files" and sure enough-each video had associated hidden files required to play back the video.

  7. What model of DVR is that? I have a vip722k and people in other forums say the files are encrypted on it so I won't be able to recover

  8. not sure if you can actually get movies from the harddrive because they might be locked but if anyone wanted to know how he connected the harddrive to his computer he used an external hard drive case and just took out the connector, but you can just get a hard drive usb cable, although you may need a power supply if it doesn't come with one

  9. So you elude to the biggest problem most of us face, getting the computer to recognize the drive. How did you get your computer to recognize the drive? What OS are you using? Did you have to install any utility? Myself i have recorded from dish onto an external hard drive. Once i plugged that drive into my windows pc it could not recognize the drive. I could play the movie on my dvr but my computer acted like it was a bad drive.

  10. Hi, I just watched this video and was wondering if you would be so kind as to show how to get the hard drive hooked up to usb?

  11. I don't even think your DVR is plugged in and powered on. Look at the power cord and at the front of the DVR. Nice one scumbag!!

  12. Thanks for taking the time to make a video telling us that it can be done instead of telling us how. That would not be a helpful video.

  13. Thank you Abraham Levit. I will try. It's not too clear what you did with the cables. Please add a few notes to help explain. Thanks in advance.

  14. The TV in my AU house(Soniq E40W13A-AU) records to SQ files(which are pretty much M2TS with extra metadata, mainly for ALL the TV listings that it downloaded from the TV network, even though I can't navigate the full guide due to a bug in the EPG and recorder software) and I just copy the file to my computer, and I can play it. VLC(which I use on my mac) will even go ahead and show the show name and Teletext subtitles as well which is great.

    I can do a video request showing playback of some of these files that I have collected.

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