Hallelujah – Hillsong Worship

‘Hallelujah’ from the album ‘For All You’ve Done’ released in July, 2004.

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Verse 1:
Saved by Your mercy
Found in Your grace
Totally surrendered to Your embrace
And there’s nothing more than You

Verse 2:
See Your perfection
I’m lost in Your peace
Your faithfulness sings over me
And Your love is the light of my soul

And I lift my eyes to You
Creator of the world

Chorus 1:
And I stand in awe of You
Of Your glory
And I live to worship You
Son of God
King of Heaven

Chorus 2:
And the angels ’round Your throne
Cry out holy
To the One who is to come
Hear us sing


CCLI #: 4710484
© Hillsong Music 2003
Words & Music by Marty Sampson, Matthew Tennikoff and Rolf Wam Fjell

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