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How to erase everything from your device? How to reset your phone? Hot to perform a factory reset?
A factory data reset can fix most issues that can occur on an Android devices. This process will clear the entire phone and revert it back to how it was when it came off the assembly line.
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34 Replies to “Hard Reset MOTOROLA Moto X Style – reset and bypass screen lock”

  1. YOU CAN DO THE RESET FROM THE SETTING WITHOUT GOING TO ITS CONSOLE ** . GO TO GEAR (SETTINGS)> CHOOSE THE BACKUP & RESET > IT WILL BACK UP AND RESET (NB PLEASE NOTE IT WILL NOT ERASE THE SD CARD ) but internal storage will be erased except the back up data. so your pattern security will be reset to none !

  2. Grazie per il aiuto perché nn sapevo a fare il mio cellulare respristina perché lo sbloccato 😂👍

  3. Your video is great! Helped me wipe/reset my device after forgetting my pin. You're the first person to get the button sequence right, meaning from the distress logo (Android guy lying on his side) press and hold power button and press and release volume up button. All other instructions had it backwards. Thought something was wrong with my phone. Thanks so much.

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