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Hario V60 Tutorial: How to brew amazing pour over coffee with the Hario V60

Brew Coffee App:

You can make amazing coffee at home with the Hario V60. The V60 makes amazing coffee with the right recipe and timing.

Hario Recipe

Fast Digital scale: CJ-4000
Burr coffee grinder: Baratza Virtuoso
Hot water: 200F
357g water (heat 1L)
21g coffee (medium fine grind)

Bloom: 30 seconds
Pour: 2:30 (end time)
Drain: 3:00 (end time)

The final end time should be around 3:00, if it’s not you need to adjust your grind size (smaller if under, larger if over).

Taste: the final taste should be sweet. It’ll be sour/watery if under extracted (too quick) or bitter/acidic if over extracted (too long).

Using the Brew Coffee app you can use great coffee recipes.

Chemex 6-Cup Tutorial:

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37 Replies to “Hario V60 Tutorial: How to brew amazing pour over coffee with the Hario V60”

  1. No need to suggest switching to the Chemex for making larger quantities of coffee, when Hario makes an "02" size which is actually the more common size than the "01" you're using and more suitable for a variety of quantities.

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    We'll be adding new beta testers in the coming months.

  3. Excellent video thanks! I also have Baratza Virtuoso, what grind setting do you recommend for v60 on that particular grinder?

  4. Nice app,! The best apps are designed for the I Phone! My Samsung is developing a complex! I noticed that this video was from 2015. Have you decided against a Droid version?

  5. From the moment you opened this bag the oxygen is there. So there's no too much or less oxygen, the air takes all available volume fast as you can imagine.

  6. Ooooohhhh you're an Apple Nerd. That's why this is so tedious and technocratic. Steve Jobs would be proud. Anyone who needs an app to make a decent pour over should go back to drip coffee. Down-voted.

  7. There is zero chance that no oxygen is getting into that bag because of the inert gas, oxygen is getting in there.

  8. Your camera guy needs to be fired for all the stupid DoF effects. Seriously some important shit was blurred out because of this amateur.

  9. Great video, however, you don't want to grab the filter at the end, instead, you want to dump it into a bin or cup, but don't grab it because then you're squeezing all those over-extracted flavors into your coffee.

  10. if you're not grinding your beans before hand, if using already ground coffee, what would the coffee ratio be?

  11. One thing that might be nice for the app is the ability to add and store the grinder type and number setting according to each brew method. I.e….for pour over withe the V60…grinder type..Baratza..grind size 25 but for French press it would be different. to have that info stored but be key. Also having a cold brew formula would be excellent as well.

  12. i don't know why some videos have a cupcake bloom, i never get that even using fresh beans 1 day after roasted

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