Hop To It | Farm Manager 2018 – Brewing & Winemaking DLC | Part 2

Farm Manager 2018 and the Brewing & Winemaking DLC continues as we finally, eventually, at long last, manage to make some beer!

It takes a little while though, plus we learn that the hops are particularly thirsty and need quite a bit of watering, and then there’s the issue of the missing trailer… but behold as the magic harvester and the magic trailer combine to move our hops via teleportation!

We also decide to get a nice field of grapes planted, although it seems unlikely we’ll be able to harvest them this year.

Unfortunately the old Farm Manager 2018 bugs decide to show up to cause us some problems.

NOTE: A key to the game and the DLC was given to me by the Developers.


Farm Manager 2018 and the Brewing & Winemaking DLC can be found here:


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The “Brewing and Winemaking” package allows you to enter the production of the world’s most famous spirits – beer and wine – from planting frail plants, harvesting crops to production and aging in the cellar of the most valuable specimens. New scenarios that will allow players to explore the mysteries of the centuries-old tradition of beer and wine production.

New plants are more opportunities

The extension contains 13 new plants for cultivation, including the 6 most-known strains of vines, barley and 6 species of hops. Each plant has its own specific needs, which is why only their proper care will allow you to collect abundant crops.

Machines in motion

Harvesting by hand takes a long time and is no longer profitable in large areas. On the machinery market you will find a new machine intended for harvesting vines, which will speed up work in the field.

Additional buildings and extensions in industry

Craft beer or commercial beer? Wine with various details of the grapevine? In Farm Manager 2018 “Beercraft and Winemaking” all these options are available. The additional content also includes a place for the production of various types of malts, which will certainly be useful when brewing beer. In production buildings, on a small scale you can choose your own mixes and, step by step, create your unique recipe and place your own label on the produced bottle.

Resting matters

How to increase the value of wine? Of course by aging them! At your disposal you have a new type of storage – a cellar where you can store the most refined effects of your work.

New challenges

The tradition of beer and wine production dates back many centuries, so it is worth to deal with the cultivation of hops and vines in two additional scenarios and learn the secrets of their production.


Graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard.

Additional audio:
Music to Delight Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  • That neighbour is a compulsive gambler and should be encouraged to seek help. 😉 Of course, he/she also must be very wealthy and bored.

  • it's so awesome that you can make your own labels for the beer! 😃

    my suggestion for when the winter comes is that you should build some greenhouses for your staff to work who aren't in the fields AND you should get some sheep for some milk and wool, which would bring in a steady income (you could autosell the sheeps milk and wool). have i mentioned how excited i am for this series to be back? 🤓

  • For the beer, it looks like for the malt, aroma, and bittering hops you can add additional types to make different blends. So for example you can have two types of hops for bittering.

    Style dry Rose? I think they mixed it with the wine styles (a dry Rosé).

  • Buy the field irrigation systems Penge. They'll save you a ton of time and will make sure your crop quality stays high. You can then sell the water trailer leaving a space for your box trailer so you can sell the second garage you bought saving on maintenance costs.

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