Horror Tutorial: Tracking and Masking with Mocha within After Effects CC 2019

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In this horror tutorial you will learn how to use visual effects to create creepy results.
Learn how to cut of parts of your body and make it look realistic with different compositing layers.
Learn how to track mattes using one of the new features in After Effects 2019: Mocha in After Effects CC 2019
Learn how to create a single track to work with, for rotoscoping, tracking, masking, corner pin, deforming and so on.

You will learn how to give the video a final touch with some interesting tips and tricks.

You will learn how to create only one track to create the whole effect.

Learn how to use:
The levels effect
Mocha AE CC
Bevel Alpha / Edges
Gradient Ramp
Roughen Edges

Learn professional workflows in After Effects

Learn how to shoot your plates to get the best result.

Motion track some live footage to add a handheld motion to your shot.
This tutorial is easy to follow, has a lot of information and value for beginners, as well as useful tips for professional users.

By watching this tutorial you will also learn professional workflows.

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I wish you a lot of sleepless nights in After Effects

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