How After Effects & Premiere Pro Work Together | Dynamic Link

In this tutorial (edited from a Facebook livestream), Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows you how After Effects and Premiere Pro work together, sending one clip or multiple clips directly from sequence to composition (and without rendering) via Dynamic Link. All changes made in After Effects update live in Premiere Pro, allowing a fluid integration between the two applications.

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  • Still wondering if this workflow is fine if i need to grade the footage. It'll definitely affect the color of the graphic that's linked to it.

  • The video doesn't change in real time when I did the dynamic link in after effect, then go back to change in premier pro

  • can you help me please ??? when i use dynamik link from premiere to after effects with 4 clips and i modify them when i go back to premiere i don't have 4 clip but only a big red clip and i can't cloro correct each clip individually….

  • every time i bring a clip or full project to after effects it changes the look of the footage; my color grading changes.

  • Can't seem to find a reason for dynamic link not pulling over audio from premier to after effects – you can see the green line however pressing L twice show cases that the audio waveform layer has nothing…. (FML) Aobe CC you're give me the frustrations.

  • hi how are you, i'm currently working on a project in premiere pro 2018 & i have changed the speed of the clips (Time Remapping) , i shot my project in 60 FPS ,, i set my sequence setting in premiere pro to 24 fps to be able to manipulate the speed of the clips ,, now when i try to send (dynamic link) a clip that i have already changed the speed of it the dynamic link does not work because of the changed speed (Time Remapping) after effect cant read it and i get this error : "AEGP plugin premiere pro import 5027 ::12" ,, i have made a search and figure out that after effect cant work with a clip that got various speed (Time Remapping), however i have a solution for this, i can export the video from premiere and import it into after effect and then apply a certain effect and export it again from after effect, but this process takes a lot of time, do u have a better solution ??

  • Sir, Please Help, when I try to send any clip from premeire pro to after effects only composition is created but no data in it for editing.
    I m worried what I m doing wrong or is there any settings I shud do. PLZ help itz not working.Sorry with my english.

  • Say I really liked the cut I've made from the footage for this contest, could I use it in a showreel as an example, or would that violate the terms of use?

  • Jason, Again, You are awesome.. Could you please please please please pleeeeeeese do a tutorial on how to get media encoder to use 100% of my cpu's..(after effects export to media encoder) It barely uses any, and I even formatted my ssd and started completely fresh, it's a super fast gen3x4 m.2 drive, and I have a 6 core i7 overclocked to 4.3ghz with 32 gig of ddr 4 ram in xmp, and 2 gtx780's in sli is the bottleneck is the software? It is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeese.. 🙂 I love you Adobe, please help!! It's in the 20% usage.. Ugh!! 😛 80% of my kick ass system is sitting there twiddling it's silcon.. Using h264 Youtube 1080p preset..

  • Is there a way to to use this technique while listening to the audio track? If i'm using AE for a music video, things need to be on beat!

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