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In this video i will show you how to install SD cards as internal storage on TV Boxes running Android 6.
How SD Cards Work with Android Marshmallow on TV Boxes.

Thanks to user “Meth Methanoid” for helping out with this video.

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34 Replies to “How SD cards work with TV Boxes with Android 6.0”

  1. After all steps…whenever i restart my STB the samsung SD card shows only name NOT SPACE of 32 GB. Then i re-insert SD card again, then it works. Whats the problem SD CARD or STB ?? I have android 6.0 in airtel STB

  2. Greetings you!

    I was wondering how to I unformat my 8tb external Hardrive on my Android Tv Box, so I can use all my 8tb instead of the 1.3tb storage.

    I formatted my Hardrive only for portable usage (not format for "this device only") thinking it would still allow me to use my entire 8tb storage, but come to find out after formatting, it doesn't.

    I would like to unformat my hard drive, and place storage access back to Internal Storage, so I can have the full use of the 8tb storage.

    If you could please get back to me with some info, If you happen to know, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly Redskull!

  3. I have a question and I hope I can get the answer here. I completely understand what youre showing us here in the video. I currently have a box with 3gb/32gb 7.1 OS and want to expand the storage so I can start downloading larger movies(4k) files.
    Following this method of creating internal storage..once its created can i point Kodi download folders to the new internal storage location? For example..if i put in a 64gb sd card…can I direct the download to go to the sd card first as opposed to the on board 32gb storage. If im downloading a 38gb 4k movie…it would only fit onto the sd card.
    The older 8gb boxes never had this issue…it was very easy to do.
    The newer boxes with 16gb and more are trickier and I havent figured it out yet.

    Why the developers changed it all is beyond me. If its not broken…dont fix it!

    Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated

  4. So what do you do when your android box, running Android 7.1.2, keeps telling you the sd card isn't supported and to format it. I go to format it and the progress line doesn't move. It doesn't format the card. It is doing this with 2 different cards so it's not my sd card. No apps or android see the card installed. Its just a vicious circle of format card, does nothing, tells me to format card.

  5. Using a USB mouse connect to the box, I've swiped down in the upper left corner and nothing comes up for formatting the SD card. I have the MXR 4K TV Box, model rk322x-box as is stated in the device settings (Not the MXR Pro). It is so difficult finding information on this box but I managed to find the firmware upgrade for rk322X-box with android 6.0.1. It previously had android 5.1 and I updated the firmware to 6.0.1 so I could take advantage of using the SD card as internal storage because this box has limited internal storage. But I still cannot get it to use the SD card as internal storage.

  6. I'm not English then excuse me if my English isn't good but I try to do well, ok I have a problem and it's that I have a Mxq Pro 4k TV box and it's 6.0.1, i've installed an SD card and used it like internal storage but when I download a game for example and i move it to the SD card it moves but the game still using the original internal storage it's like the SD card doesn't exists, does anyone know the solution? Thanks

  7. Hey, I have MXQ Pro 4k and it does not support bluetooth. Do you think adding a bluetooth dongle could make my device bluetooth compatible?

  8. I've been away from android for over a year, and now back again. what has happened?!? Why is it so seriously shite now? My network is stable and fast on the computer, yet my tablet is utter shite when downloading. "Download pending". That's all it ever does. Have to restart the tablet to TRY and kickstart the download again. I used to be able to download a 500mb game on the play store in a couple of mins. Seriously wtf have they done?

  9. Thanks for this video. now i know i could somehow mount sd card to expand my box puny internal storage. Since apps can be installed on the sd card, i think sd card with good read/write speed should be used. I am thinking of getting Sandisk Ultra MicroSD16gb with 98mb/s read speed & that would cost me only $5. What do u think?Anyway, can we use a thumbdrive instead?

  10. hello everyone ive been using mxpro2 for a while and i been having issues with the sd card ,,,i tried anything just because of kodi data its too big and slow down the playing 4k movies,,,about this topic i been down this road as well and this video its pretty much helpfull with the only down side is that when your install app from outside the google play store some of them can move and some dont ,,,according to your system and its pretty much frustrating when you dont have absolute control of it but good look ,,,and redskull very usefull video thnks

  11. ive a box like yours but 6.1 but i cant get the bar that comes down on the top left corner were u swipe would u no how to fux this

  12. Perfect. I have been searching all morning for this info. Thank you for sharing. I only have an 8gb storage capacity internal memory android box (MXQ M8S android box 2017) and wish to increase its internal memory. Will it work on this device?

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