How SSD Technology Keeps Getting WORSE! – Intel 660p Review

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  • the intel 600P was my first m.2 ssd, no my first ssd ever, absolutely loved it, still think it was worth the ~$60 I spent over the HDD in my laptop, yikes those benchmarks

  • Have an oddball question for you Linus: Can you pair an Intel Optane Cache drive with this 660p SSD? Would that "increase" the cache and delay the point where write speeds drop off when…say…installing large games, for example?

  • READ this before buying Intel 666P 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Normally people buy a drive to match the size of DATA they have (unless you buy extra large then it's not cheap), but here is the catch, all SALES TBW are calculated assuming you REWRIRE all data on regular base. In reality your disk become 80% full soon with no data Moving to other areas Leading to Massive usage of the remaining 20% space shortening filetime 5-10 times. So, I would not buy QLC, not even TLC. Only MLC and up

  • Funny you’ve just done a build 4 months ago where you used the Intel 660p and praised it for its great price

  • So has anyone tested this with caching software like primochache and used L2 cache with a ssd or ram see if that offsets the sudden drop off?

  • Newegg has a sale today for this ssd in 1TB for really cheap, thank god I watched this video.. I can’t keep up on new nvme technology. Ordered a Samsung 970 EVO plus instead and paid the extra bucks

  • How to read Write life endurance:
    Im a power user, and i recenly discovered: I only consume 10 Terrabytes written per year.
    At 200 TBW, that’s 20 years of write life!!!
    This assumes you’re using SSD + HDD Setup, and you’re not doing looping file copies.
    SSD only laptops could be at 12 to 15 TB per year if its like your editing laptop
    No matter how you slice this, the SSD will become obsolete before it dies.
    And my obsolete i mean like, when 4TB SSDs show up for $100 and you’ve been stuck with a 250 gb 850 evo for awhile…

  • The wd blue sn550 costs about the same as intel 660p and it uses tlc nand and has higher sequential and random speeds

  • I still fail to see the negative talk and all anti QLC. Think of this for a moment, As an average consumer, you buy this drive, install your stuff, but then probably won’t write much more on the following years, that is, unless you download new games. But even that, you only download them once, then you just play them. This means your ssd will last much longer than 5 years, since you aren’t going to write 100 gigs everyday.

    Onto the next part, writing reliability: If you are to download a game from steam and other platforms, you won’t even get the writing bottleneck on your ssd since data doesn’t travel that fast (for the average consumer!) Due to wireless downloading. The highest speed we’ve gotten is roughly 30mbs/s, and that’s downloading from a fiber connection at 256 mb/s. Since you download at 30 mbs a second you can only write that data at maximum 30 mbs/s which means it’ll never bottleneck you. With these things in mind, it’s a clear choice to choose this one. We humans are after all driven by price. This thing will give you the same performance as a TLC drive (provided the other specs are the same) for less money. And it’s clear these are for average consumers, cause they never do these big video edits to then copy files at fast speeds for example. Video editors or similar persons either work at companies providing them with better tech or if they don’t, will just afford themselves an 860 pro instead.

  • Would this be good to store XP-11 Flight Sim files, especially the 'Custom Scenery' folder that can max out over 1TB, so it loads a lot of data as you launch a flight?

  • 8:23 A typical LTT 7 and a half minutes video takes up about 24 gigs? What? If the bitrate is set to 10mbit/s for 1080p(recommended by youtube) a 7 and a half minute video will take up 562MB. If you set the bitrate to 32-40mbit/s for 2160p (recommended by youtube) a 7 and a half minute video will take up 1,800MB-2,250MB.

    For a 7 and half minute video to take up 24GB of space, you need to set the bitrate to 430mbit/s.
    At best a 2 and a half hour blu ray 4K movie takes up around 30-40GB, A typical blu ray 4K movie takes up around 15-30GB.

    Your editors are insane.

  • i wish SSDs would become cheaper. they're already amazingly cheap and last long but for stuff like laptops. you can't fit an HDD in there so you're stuck with paying a ton for a 1tb one just so you can have stuff that don't benefit from speed fit there!
    and a lot of games thesedays take a good few minutes to load, and putting them on an ssd is so much faster, but they're like freaking 80gb or something ;-;

  • I bought a 2tb 660p for under $200 about a year ago, and it has been really great.
    I am just a casual pc user/gamer and for my needs this is perfect as the sole drive in my pc. Games load extremely fast, windows boots in like 10 seconds or less, and its a great value, though they seem to cost more now than when i purchased.

  • 6:23 Wow… information connected to a physical waveform moving information (electrons) to create a predicted change in the future is observed spiking in frequency associated with a timeline monitoring a forward phase arrow running backwards. There is a reason for everything but it's well runs deep… but then again it looks like another accidental observation of the electron's hole reverse phase timing being exposed by software again but hard to say without knowing the system so just wondering out loud…

    7:04 Be careful that's what Monica Olvera de la Cruz at Northwestern University said after her computer showed her nanoparticles engineered with DNA in colloidal crystals — when extremely small (when 3/4 the size of the DNA molecule) — behave just like electrons (without the space connected to time needed to complete the 4th (down) mass oscillation phase of the atom. It get s heavy… "Electron-behaving nanoparticles rock current understanding of matter".

    Or rather current accepted understanding of matter…. electron-behaving nanoparticles prove E=T. So you must have a reverse arrow connected to time and SLAC's BaBar Team confirmed this in 2012 by confirming time has asymmetry using a 3rd experiments data. (e{a})/t=E

  • I bought an Intel 660p three months ago and now it is dead, that is how I got here. I hope Intel replace it for me.

  • Would be interesting to see a review of the Intel H10 SSD which is a combo of the 660p and an Intel Optane module on one M.2 SSD. The Optane memory is kind of used as a cache as well which might make up for the QLC SSD.

  • "They started all these deeply annoying storages, assuming that I couldn't start my system from a different Kernel, printed on a tiny .mm2 chip. They're so 🆒️. You can have operating on a nano flash and mount drives on a PCI, it won't reduce chinese traffic. GPS wars were even worse. A perfect environment doesn't really need to be paired to be functional." 🗨😑💻⚡💾㊙️

  • I bought my 600p series 256 gb intel ssd in 2016…. It's still going strong, even though it literally was my only drive for 3 years and was full to the point of kilobytes remaining…. Got a hdd now though so I freed up some space… And it's still just as amazing as it was in 2016 x_x…. Got a x570, so waiting for PCIE 4 ssd's to get cheap enough to buy >_>

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