How to Audition for America's Next Top Model

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If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a supermodel, follow these steps to audition for _America’s Next Top Model_.

Step 1: Visit website
Visit the show’s website to find out about audition details, including the dates and locations of the open casting calls near you.

Audition and open casting call details are posted throughout the year for upcoming cycles, so check the website regularly.

Step 2: Download eligibility
Download and review the eligibility requirements for the relevant cycle.

Eligibility rules and requirements can change from cycle to cycle, so read the current cycle’s eligibility carefully.

Step 3: Download application
Download the application form from the website, and then print it and complete it.

Review the application form and be sure you know what you are signing. You will be videotaped, required to travel, and required to live in the Top Model House for one and a half months.

Step 4: Create audition tape
Create an audition tape of 3 minutes or less, using VHS or DVD format. Show your best runway walk, and identify who you are and why you want to be America’s Next Top Model.

Step 5: Select photographs
Select your best 3 photographs: one face shot, one full-length clothed, and one full-length in a bathing suit. Make sure one photo is black and white.

Step 6: Submit application or audition in person
Submit your application by mail or at an in-person audition at an open casting call. Mailed applications must include your audition tape, photos, and copies of two forms of identification showing proof of U.S. citizenship.

Did You Know?
In 1996, Tyra Banks became the first African-American model to pose on the cover of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


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