How to Build an AMAZING CITY – Minecraft 1.13.2 | Part 1 – Preparation

Welcome to a brand new series. In this series we will be diving into all of my biggest & best Minecraft city /& base building tips. Episode 1 of this series is all about planning & preparation. There are some pretty big things you’ll want to get down before we actually dive into building (which’ll be next episode).

Inspiration – 1:58
Location – 3:36
Block Palettes – 5:57
Planning & Preparation – 9:53

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  • A little late but here me out. Some unusual blocks that work well together: stripped jungle logs, jungle planks, jack o lanterns, stone brick variations, bricks walls, yellow terra-cotta. You have stone, wood, a splash of color, and lighting. A good floor design: netherrack, stone, purple and pink terra-cotta with black glass on top of it. You have stone, color, non spawnable blocks, and bragging rights because you made netherrack look good. For a ceiling, I recommend brick slabs with jack o lanterns. I used these pallets in a tunnel build on my server, and it got a bit of praise.

  • I honestly love Diorite. It's white but isn't bland. I just wish that the polished version of it would be a bit more "polished"

  • Dude, love your channel, but sweet Jesus, your medieval spelling is awful lol. Everything else, though, <3

  • In fact, on plan preparations, it's even better to go into a Creative Superflat world and make a plan, let me break down exactly what I mean.

    1. Know your environment and where you're building, are there rivers, caves, places where your buildings may need supports because it'll otherwise seem like it's floating on a hillside or mountainside? Take this into account.

    2. Before making your build(s?), decide what building(s?) do you want, (how many do you want), what other things do you want to add to your place, write these down before building your first plan in your superflat world, and write notes about each building and other things.

    3. If your of your building(s?) are going to have a place that goes underground, or inside something else where you'll have to go digging in the final place it'll be, like a basement, in your superflat, don't add more layers of dirt and such, make your basement above ground, it saves a lot of time.

    4. Before going into your world where the final product (making the building(s?) in the world) will be, take make a small version of everything you make, for example, a small house with the pallet(s?) you will be using, or if you're adding like a bridge, make a small version of it to have a better grasp of what the final product will seem like.

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