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This video will show you how to bypass a router when trying to connect to your computer. This is also known as “port forwarding” and is useful when trying to set up a server from behind a router.


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  1. What username and password are they talking about? computer login & password or router login & password.

  2. Some random person trying to access my website from outside will never come to know my router's IP or the port number (for my web-server)so this video doesn't help people trying to setup webserver using Dynamic IP. This idea basically is limited to people from inside a network trying to access services on their network from outside. Btw the title of the video should be "CLICKBAIT"

  3. I did port forwarding and then I am able to open home page from all the laptop which are connected to the same wifi router ,but not able to access home page if I disconnect my mobile from wifi and connect with 3G . please help

  4. It would have been more helpful to actually show what you were explaining on this "How to" video instead of just describing what should be done. Your video glanced through a few areas that are familiar and common in making the changes to the router, but not very helpful in showing "how to" in this video.

  5. help me please!
    my older brother has blocked steam ports **router block** and i don't have access to the router to unblock these ports, is it possible to bypass the password without resetting the router to default mode.

  6. hit the button at the back of the router to reset it to factory settings and the password will be either


    it may not be either of these look it up online by checking your internet's provider or the company that made your router

  7. Assuming that you don't want do do illegal stuff Joa Nascimento, you can use Bitlord or another torrent service or use filesharing websites like 4shared. I recommend you to use the TOR browser and never log in or sign up to anything except for the sharing website.

  8. I did call Frontier, they said if you don't know the password you will have to get a new one from them. I told them i'm not paying 40 dollars for something that they should have wrote down from the start. The password should be default because no one has messed with it but its apparently not default.

  9. Go look it up online, if you can't find the default username and password there, look at your router and look for anything written on it. On verizon fios routers its written by the serial number on the back of the router. If you still have no luck, call your service provider (if you use the router they gave you) or the manufacturer…

  10. Hey,When I entered a username and password I accessed it but this one appeared.

    Using this advanced utility to change your router settings could disable your network.
    It could also prevent you from using Cisco Connect.
    Cisco Connect is a desktop application to help you with the most common tasks such as guest access, parental controls, and adding new devices to your network.

    Please make sure your answer is right,I am too afraid of my mother. LOL

  11. i cant login to my router from frontier. Its a Comtrend NexusLink 5631. ive tried admin/admin, admin/admin1, admin/password, admin/password1, root/12345. all the default passwords comtrend and fronteir use but i still get nothing.

  12. Hey will someone please help me do this with teamviewer? i have fairpoint so it doesn't say start port end port is says a bunch of stupid stuff. i really need help.

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