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This Video about How to Change / Recover Your Lost IMEI Numbers in Your Zenfone 2. Explained Complete Instructions and Tested Solution. This Method will Work with these Mobile Models (ZE550ML/ZE551ML). If You are Facing No Signal Issues? Because of IMEI? So This is the Video You are Looking for. You Can Recover Your Lost IMEI and Change Your IMEI as You Wish. This Video is for Those Who had Lost Their Own IMEI Number in Their Mobile and [Educational Purpose]. If You Forgot Your OWN IMEI Numbers, Please Check Your Mobile’s Box or Remove Your Mobile’s Back Cover and See Near Batter Side There You Can See Your Own IMEI Numbers. Please Watch Full Video Otherwise You may not Succeed.

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21 Replies to “How to Change, Recover and Repair IMEI on Zenfone 2 | Full Guide and 100% Working Tested.”

  1. Thank you but I have a problem, added both IMEI, execute the order and it works only with the socket 1, the Slot 2 does not change is strange, has some idea that it may be happening?

  2. Thank you bro, thanks to your tutorial I flashed the service mode firmware,
    then I used another tutorial to modify my Wi-Fi MAC address, and it works!
    TL;DR :
    1. Boot on the service mode firmware
    2. Plug your phone to a computer with a USB cable
    3. Open an administrator command prompt
    4. Type "adb devices" to start the adb server

    5. Type "adb pull -a /config config" to backup your /config partition on your PC
    6. Type "adb pull -a /factory factory" to backup your /factory partition on your PC
    7. On your PC, open factorywifimac.txt and replace the MAC with a new one (with a HEX editor for example), then save
    8. On your PC, open configwifimac.txt and replace the MAC with a new one
    (with a HEX editor for example), then save
    9. On your PC, open factoryPhoneInfodiskPhoneInfo_inf and replace the 2nd MAC address (starts with 086266 but there are two of them, the first is for Bluetooth and the second is for Wi-Fi) with a new one (with a HEX editor for example), then save
    10. Type "adb push factoryPhoneInfodiskPhoneInfo_inf /factory/PhoneInfodisk/PhoneInfo_inf"
    11. Type "adb push factorywifimac.txt /factory/wifi/mac.txt"

    12. Type "adb push configwifimac.txt /config/wifi/mac.txt"
    13. Type "adb reboot" to reboot your phone

    And it should have changed in the settings.
    /! Some MAC addresses don"t work. For example, if you change the first 6 letters of it (086266), in my experience, it didn't work.
    When the phone doesn't accept the new MAC address, you'll notice that Wi-Fi will stay disabled in the settings, even if you enable it, and it will say "Wi-Fi MAC address Unavailable" in the Status (in Settings)

  3. hey bro a question or if someone know, I am trying to download the most recent image on the drive the one up is for 2015

  4. Sir I Have Asus Zenfone Selfi.. Sir usme imei number 0 ho gaya he.. Sir usme bootloader bhi locked he.. uski vajah se use root bhi nahi kar sakte.. sir bootloader unlock karne k liye asus ka official jo tool he wo bhi work nahi kar raha kyuki imei number 0 ho jane ki wajah se bootloader bhi official method se unlock nahi ho raha he… Sir mene Bootloader unlock and Root karne k liye different different tools bhi try kar liye Eg. Miracle Box , Android Easy Tool , Universal Android Tool , Asus IMEI Repair, etc.. Bur sir inme se koi bhi tool is phone ka bootloader unlock and root nahi kar saka..

    Sir i request to you.. please aap koy method bataye jisse me bootloader unlock karke phone root kar saku jisse me mere phone ka IMEI repair kar saku.. Sir Koy Third party software guide kijiye jisse me mera IMEI Number repair kar saku…

    Sir Please I Humble Request To You Please Help Me….

    Thanks & Regards,
    Smit Patel

  5. its always trying different setting and can not open com port , but in device manager it shows virtual com port 3 , anyone can help ?

  6. Flash image failure(remote:not allowed to flash this partition ) Bro can you please help me with that error

  7. its detect in phone tool the port …but no name in front of it…the driver are installed correctly but no recognize

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