How to clone your hard drive to a Kingston SSD for Desktop and Notebook PCs with Acronis True Image

This is the process for cloning a drive using the Acronis True Image software included in our Kingston SSD Bundle Kits. Before we begin, we want to ensure our SSD is properly connected to your system.

You did not get the Bundle Kit that included Acronis? Need to clone on a Mac? Check out the videos in this playlist:

For Desktop users, you can install your Kingston SSD in your system before the cloning process. For help with installation, please refer to your system’s user manual, or view on of our Step-By-Step SSD desktop installation videos below:
Dell Desktop PC:
Desktop PC, not model specific:

For notebook users, install your New Kingston SSD into the USB enclosure that came with your bundle kit. Connect the enclosure to your notebook before starting the cloning process. If you did get the bundle kit you’ll need to obtain a USB SATA enclosure and install you SSD inside it before proceeding.

The first thing we’ll need to do is download the Acronis software. To do that visit and click the “Download Acronis” link to start the download. Once this is finished, locate the Acronis True Image Application and double-click the file to begin the installation. Click on the Install button to proceed. Once the installation is complete, click on “Start Application”. After accepting the License agreement, you’ll be asked to sign into your Acronis Account. If you do not have an account, click on the “Create Account” link to get started. You’ll need to provide your name, Email address, and a password. Once you’ve entered this information, click on the “Create Account” Button. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your account was created. Here you’ll be asked to enter in the Activation key that was included in your bundle kit. Now that the Acronis setup is complete you can proceed to the Cloning process.

Under Tools, select “Clone Disk” and the Clone Disk wizard will appear to guide you through the process. Select “Automatic” and click “Next” to continue. Here you will choose the source disk, or the disk your Operating system is on. It’s very important to make sure you’re selecting the correct source disk. Using the wrong source disk could result in permanent data loss, and you definitely don’t want that. Once you’ve checked and double-checked that you have the proper drive selected as your source disk, click “Next” to continue. Here you’re going to want to choose your new Kingston SSD as the destination disk. Once you have it selected, click “Next” to continue. A summary screen will now appear displaying the new partition structure of the SSD drive. The original partition size will be automatically scaled based on the new SSD size. For example, if the new drive is smaller in size than the original hard drive, the partitions will shrink accordingly. If the new drive is larger than the original hard drive, then the partitions will be enlarged proportionally. Select Proceed to continue. At this point you’re going to need to restart your computer so the Cloning process can continue.

Using your SSD
Now that the cloning process is complete, you are now ready to use your new solid state drive. For Desktop users, your system will be configured with two bootable devices. You must enter your system’s BIOS and set the Boot priority so that the SSD will be the first device the system will boot from. For notebook users, you are now ready to remove the drive from the USB enclosure and install the new SSD into your notebook. For installation guidance, please refer to your Notebook’s user manual or view one of our step-by-step SSD Hardware notebook installation videos:

Dell Inspiron Notebook:
Lenovo Thinkpad:
Notebook PC, not model specific:

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  • I did everything in this video, in the end it says (an operating system was not found) i changed the boot in the bios to the new kingston ssd and it says the same thing

  • I bought a lot of Kingston's SSD's over the years, I used to use the Acronis software to migrate the OS but Acronis no longer offers this feature for free. I'll start buying SSDs from other manufactures that offer free OS migration utilities.

  • It's mentioned at the end of the cloning process for Desktops to go into the BIOS to set the SSD as the bootable disc but for laptops it's a different story by just swapping out the old HDD with the SSD. Can't we do the same process for the Desktop computer by unplugging the HDD and connecting the new SSD? I just want to get rid of the old HDD. I have no plans on using it as a secondary drive for backups, etc.

  • What in the name of is this? Last time I buy a Kingston SSD. Samsung just has a simple tool that you can download. No fuss, no account, no nothing. Why is it that companies now a days think user friendly = bloated software with accounts etc. I want to just be up and running and cloning my drive in 30 seconds, not spend an entire day setting up software and accounts just to do this.

  • Doesn't work… Lost counts how many times I restarted my laptop in order to start cloning and it simply goes back to windows login screen … Quite bad quality software with not many info around.

  • No, the first thing you need to do is to explain to us what you mean by cloning. Are you cloning everything or just the OS? Little things like that.

  • I bought a Kingstone SSD and tried to use the software it keeps telling me Invalid serial Number!!! I already sent an mail to Customer support But no Reply !!

  • HI Kingston. Whenever I try to install the program it says it failed and cannot install. What should I do?

  • Hey Kingston i select my drives and when i get to the cloning process it tells me to restart, when i restart it doesn't continue the cloning process.

  • Thanks Kingston Technology, after purchasing A400 480 GB without serial number, I feel like a passenger on Titanic ship with a third class ticket with my fate in God's hand. You guys are awsome!

  • I just upgraded my 5 year old Kingston 120gb SSD to Kingston 480gb SSD and cloned it.
    I used Macrium Reflect free version for the clone it and it took about 8 mins and I also needed Minitool partition wizard free version as I had partition issues and had to merge unallocated space to get nearly all the 480gb to my C disc.
    My desktop PC now works like a charm.

  • Wow, so it isn't free for a400? I gues you cant anything decent from a failing company. By comparison, I've just cloned my other laptop's hard drive with crucial and their FREE acronis disc cloner and it was smooth. No keys needed, they just automatically detect the crucial ssd and boom

  • First, and LAST time i buy anything Kingston. No serial number on the package of the SSD i bought, so apparently I can just bite it. Because it wasn´t a "bundle kit" but a single SSD disk in a simple package, I will not be able to use this Acronis True Image.

    If you´re here to see if you should buy Kingston SSD, please, please stay away!!! Any brand is better than this..!!

    Just read other reviews here….

  • just installed the ssd and I am already regreting the purchase. Have to take a course to clone my system drive because Acronis is asking me for a serial number I cant find. Stay away

  • So for example I have a 450 GB hdd and a 240 gb ssd am I able to copy or do I need to delete more files?

  • I'm very sure Alfred can help you, text him on Instagram imetfix1 or WhatsApp +1 (719) 428 0533 he has helped me and my associates alot…he's exceptional…!

  • How do we get activation key? I don't find on SSD packet bought online through Amazon and even on mail.

    Help me out!

  • I need some help: I bought a Kingston A1000 m.2 ssd and installed it. My laptop was working perfectly until I cloned everything over; once I turned my computer on after the clone I was met with a black screen and a cursor that followed my mouse. I went online and found a solution to this, and it worked, but now whenever I turn my pc on it glitches for minutes on end, reverting from the black screen with a cursor to an error popup saying sihost.exe Unknown Hard Error. When I’m finally able to get it working, the search bar doesnt open and if I restart, sleep, or shut down I have to go through the same thing over and over again.

  • Worst system ever. Glad that I used Samsung SSD before. This is the worst experience i ever had in the cloning process.

  • I did the cloning from my old hdd drive to the new hdd drive and i. Used Macrium Reflect the free version and it cloned it perfectly

  • Acronis True Image software included in our Kingston SSD Bundle Kits= terrible marketing decision . Take some lessons from samsung .

  • I've done the cloning in my laptop but from hard drive to 240 kingston ssd , i follow the procedure carefully but after i reboot unfortunately my laptop screen goes black and with cursor , how could i fix it, by watching tutorials i remove the hard drive so that it will boot up from my ssd but nothing changes

  • Hey, I bought a 240GB variant from Amazon India we really never got any key/License for Acronis. Provides an open source tool that'd work. I mean look at Samsung EVO, It's got the Samsung migration tool which is free & super cool in terms of User experience. Hope Kingston Improvises by developing own tool.

  • Serial key does not come with product A400. After cloning disk sdd is not bootable! Bad experience…Not recommendable!!

  • It's just TERRIBLE marketing / corporate decision to not include the tools to migrate from HDD to SSD. Samsung does it with no hassle involved. They actually included a proper Samsung developed software (Samsung Magician) , not a third party one, and for FREE. I don't know where are you selling the 'bundle kits' (I'm assuming it's an USA exclusive thing only) but it's just a terrible decision overall. People are buying your drives and then they don't have a f***kng clue about whan on earth do with them. I hope the genius that runs the company realizes it at some point.

  • alright so i got my hard drive to clone on to my ssd just wont let me boot from it. so unplugged the old hard drive and try to boot so it says no os on drive may need to unplug old drive. or something close to that. old hard drive still works fine any thoughts?

  • There are several videos from Kingston about using the Acronis software. I am one of many customers who bought a new Kingston branded drive and was led to download the Acronis software but find it cannot be activated because i didn't buy the bundled product.
    As a lover of history i'd say this gives bundling a bad name. 😉

    I saw one frustrated purchaser saying they were going to throw out their new SSD… if they'd just look a bit further they may find alternatives such as EaseUs, Clonezilla, etc.
    I recommend searching for comparison reviews of free drive cloning software.

    Kudos to the Kingston representative commenting here for actually mentioning this possibility in a comment. It would have been nice had this been included as an aside at the beginning of these redundant, narrowly helpful videos, though.

  • For everyone that cant get the acronis working try using other software like. "Macrium Reflect" its free and easy too use. and make sure to follow a tutorial on youtube to see how to use.

  • this is a ripoff! i should have bought ADATA instead if I knew this software wouldn't be working with a purchase of the SSD alone

  • I’m having problems with installing the software. It says «Installation failed. Check if this is a valid Windows Installer» or something and I really don’t know what to do.

  • It is just patheic that you dont get a serial number without the bundle kit. It is just hillarious, like i can't imagine how they at kingston come up with that??? Of course you can solve it in other ways as well, but who is going to buy kingston afterwards? Noone! I purchased the product because of the great price, but I should know the customer service going to be terrible!

  • 4 frigging hours to download a file to clone a drive… It is quicker to just install windows a fresh.

  • I'll be buying Samsung and recommending it to everyone from now on. No key for the cloning software on A400 series, and you even have it on your instruction video!

  • I concur with the frustration of some of these comments – I bought a 120 GB and a 240 GB from Amazon and no code either.. this is why I'd be spending my money on an EVO next time around.

  • Hi there. Received my SSD but am having difficulty downloading the Acronis software via FTP. It reaches around 142 Mb and then says network crash. Any help please? Jon

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