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I’ll show you how you can delete unwanted apps as well as use ES File Explorer to get rid of files that are taking up space on your Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV. Easy way to free up some extra space!


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  1. Kevin, this is great info. I just added an external usb flash to my firestick with an OTG adapter. I downloaded the ES app. I'm very interested in learning how to navigate through this app. What you're showing is strictly internal. Do you have a video on using the ES app on how to move internal apps and files to external ? Also how to create and name folders ?

  2. when my buddy is watching a movie in cinema the movie stops and a pop up says he must free up 500 something in the apps. what should he do…

  3. Hello I tried this and some how I deleted my settings off my firestick how do I add settings back I can't get to manage installed apps or anything on settings its just blank but everything else works..i think I deleted something in es file Explorer I don't know what.

  4. ES File went to a pay for use some functions no longer work. I have another issue. When in downloader the delete icon dose not show and the elements in the folder do not have the little circles that fill when when you click on the entry. Why? I can't delete with this app. I am trying to get my used storage below 67% to stop buffering. I am running a land line cable to a piece of hardware and still getting buffering.

  5. When doing this on my fire stick I accidentally erased Kodi but it’s in the recycle bin How do I get it out of the recycle bin

  6. I know you made this a while back, but can you tell me why analyzer is not working now? And neither is the cleaner? Now when you click on those you get an ad that pops up that want you to buy the premium service. Is there anyway to get rid of that thing permanently? It makes the convenience of using analyzer totally null. And the only android it does not work on is the fire stick. I have no trouble using it with mine NVIDIA Shield

  7. Hi mate, i am trying to use the space analyzer but all i get is pop up screen wanting me to upgrade to premium and thats as far as i can get, am i missing something, thanks.

  8. hey there
    thanx for sharing.
    my question :is there a way to make the oposite ? i mean, can i get deleted files from the Amazon fire Tv back ? if yes how . Thank you.

  9. Hi Kevin, I’m trying to clear out redundant files from my Firestick through ES file manager. After I run analyze , it shows files that can be deleted to free up space. I have no problem with the other files as far as deleting them, until I reach the redundant file section. When I click on it, it shows the list of files. It has an arrow prompt in the left corner, an empty box in the right corner, at the bottom of screen it has a move to, and recycle bin prompt. When I try to delete these files on this screen it’s like my remote doesn’t work to be able to delete the files. I can highlight the box in the right corner, which checks all the files with a green check mark ✅, but then after that I can’t get my remote to move to the bottom to click the recycle bin prompt. Can you help? Let me know , Jeff

  10. I'm unable to actually select the files for some reason after I use the cleaner it will not let me select them. Any advice?

  11. I can't figure out how to delete using the Analyze. I want to remove duplicate files. I'm able to select all the files but nothing happens after that. I can't move the cursor down to the delete button at the button.

  12. Thanks a lot my dad and my sister keep downloading files and they wonder why it says space is critically low

  13. Can the files in the Logger folder be deleted? They appear to be thumbnails that are using a lot of storage space.

  14. Hi I don’t have a delete on the button and when I click the center I don’t get a green check mark. I really want to delete the android apps that installed itself. I can’t find a way to delete them.

  15. I gave a thumbs down because I think ES sucks. I have 78% usage and can't find the freaking files tanning up all the data. It's not you, it's the program you're using.

  16. Like most people I’m searching to find out how to free up space my question is I have a lot of Amazon photos Amazon music can I uninstall these apps that I did not download myself ? Thank you for your help

  17. Is there any file explorer that would able me to delete recent created files easily, don’t really like to go into the logger in ES or using the analyses

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