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Most of y’all have some sort of app idea. The next step in the software development process is design. Today, I teach y’all how to design a mobile iOS app using Adobe XD.

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I share and document my experiences on a topics including computer science, software engineering, and iOS development. I’m a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber & iOS developer. My hobbies outside of what’s been mentioned include surfing, snowboarding, and playing video games.

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41 Replies to “How to Design & Prototype a Mobile App – Adobe Xd Tutorial”

  1. Did you have an app idea come to mind during this video? Let me know below!

    PS – The game I have in store will be held on Instagram! Be sure to follow & tag me @Forrest.Swift and Adobe @AdobeStudents (both are linked in the description). Enjoy!!

  2. Forrest. I have an app idea and I've somewhat mapped it out in Adobe XD. Would you suggest hiring someone to clean it up and fix all of the "mistakes" before having someone build the app? Is it important to have the wireframe pretty detailed before building the app?

  3. what is he saying at 7:07? He says something like "as soon as I click something" but I did not quite catch that.

  4. Whooaaa just found your video exactly when i need it. Crystal clear instruction…♥️

    Need more of this adobe xd tutorial 😁

  5. I'm new to this… So after the design só whats next??? How to have it working… And ready for Google play and appstore?

  6. when i make this app can i put it on my phone and work with it like a real app or do i need another program to make it work on my android?

  7. I don't wanna disappoint you guys but if you are comfortable with Photoshop, you have more tools to use there to make your project than XD , XD just might give you option and idea about resizing ..I prefer Photoshop personally.

  8. My Adobe Xd Design from the Video FREE Download —

    I am not able to download it for free. Is it no longer free or any other reason??

  9. Hi 🙂 Could you repeat the link for the stock photos? I couldn't really get it! Great video!!

  10. To get the fixed position in the newer updates : select your group or element, go to prototype and somewhere to the right you see the checkbox 'fix to position when scrolling' , select that and you are good to go!

  11. hey Forrest knight! im a your new subscriber and so far i think your videos are awesome! also im looking for a way to contact you cuz i'd like to interview you for something im working on hope you receive this message and will be expecting your reply soon tnx!

  12. After searching online for what I was looking for, I finally found it!! And I learned about a new software! Thanks, I subscribed!

  13. How many advertisements have you set on this video? Even if the video is helpful, this part is annoying as fuck.

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