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Adobe Flash Player is not available in google play store, but still you can download and install flash player for android phone

Click here for more detail..


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  1. Stepas:
    1:go to the site this download will work on Android and IOS and other phones
    2: download and it will say all of that read the other details I told you and you will know
    3: when it's done downloading press open and it will take you to this dark place press download if you press back it will send you back to the downloading scream
    4: download it if it says mange space that mean you got to many apps or games if it says mange space it didn't fail press cancel it will continue downloading
    5: if it says open or done you download ing finish to back to your home page and it will be there
    If it says it's done downloading and you don't see it on your home page then go to settings on your device it's at the top of your screan then press mange space then don't press Archave it will try to give you more space to Download stuff press internal space then it will show you how your things are doing then press system Applications and you will see the things you got on home page to all the way at the bottom then go all the way up and the stuff will appear if you don't see the app keep going down infill you see it Am flash player then press installed it will remove it you got to do this to keep your Device safe or it will hack your Device
    If you can't download nothing from will browser or Google on phone to to settings then press security and private th and press apps from unknown Sources then it will allow you to Download something on will browser or Google on phone your done…

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