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Hello world, In this video, I’ll show you how to round multiple or only one corner in Illustrator CS6 and earlier version. The default Round Corners option from Effect menu does not do its job very well. It is non-destructive though. But it has its limitation that it can not round selected corners. So here I used a script which does the thing exactly we need.

►Round Corner script with Instructions:

►Opacity Randomizer script Demonstration & download:

►Fill Color Randomizer script Demonstration & download:

► I hope you’ll learn something out of it. 🙂
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44 Replies to “How to Easily Round Corner in Illustrator CS6 or Earlier versions”

  1. do you have any idea if there is a plausibility to create a keyboard shortcut for this instead of going to file / script… (?)

  2. Please help, I dont have an option "round any corners" in Script. I have CS6.
    And I really need to have one corner of 25px and onther 8px. Thank You

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