How to enable Developer Options Android from ADB

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  • At last builds, this could work:

    adb shell "am start -n '$DevelopmentSettingsDashboardActivity'"


    adb shell "am start -n '$DevelopmentSettingsActivity'"

  • hi i tried it on my xperia z3 locked and broken buttons phone but it gives me no devices emulator found
    can u help plz i just need to restart my ohone using adb software because i cant use any button

  • The program says:daemon not running; starting at tcp:5037
    daemon started succesfully
    error: no devices/emulators found
    Can you help me?

  • ok, my phone has a ghost files bug if this bug has enable , the phone is running in a bootloop forever. The solution is open the fastboot mode and change the stock recovery (well actually, open the bootloader if you need first ) for custom recovery with advance options to change the fucking bug files. My problem? I have root enable, I have the bootloader open BUT with the fucking stock recovery. Fuck I couldn´t flash a simple custom recovery because the developer mode was disable, there isn way to enable with the screen phone in a infinite bootloop, I need this command THANK YOU, you saved my phone and my files!!!

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