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please uninstall and reinstall the product error 16 , set permissions to the Adobe PCD and SLStore folders. This error means that permissions to application folders are set incorrectly. Configuration error in Adobe Creative Cloud

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18 Replies to “How to fix Adobe photoshop error 16 Photoshop configuration error”

  1. Good Job, only one thing !!!! I had to run the program as Administrator as mentioned below by Bara Robber Baron.

  2. Look, I have CS6 portable and yet that message appears to me and the SLStore folder does not have the portable one and yet this message appears to me. Even so, I created the SLStore folder and it didn't solve the problem. What else can I do?

  3. Credit where it's due, this worked for me. Changed the permissions and (Windows 10) right clicked on the Photoshop exe and 'run as administrator' and boom!

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