How To Fix 'Device Is Not Ready' – 2018

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  • Hi Nova, I have Windows 10 only because it was a free update, I had Windows 7. My CD-ROM drive is not reading game disks now, it was being finicky and read them then only sometimes, but last night my computer 'updated' and now it is back to not reading them. I tried updating drive, it said updated, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling device, it comes back but still won't read. I don't know which drive it is in cmd.exe and get a bit lost in that. Any suggestions?

  • my hard drive is wd passport i didn't eject it rifht because it stopped copying the files i copied I tried to eject it but it says that it's still being in used or another program is still using but I close all the programs and then when I plugged it again it's not initialized

  • Well here's the dilemma I'm now stuck with, I have a physical hard drive that has somehow become a virtual drive, not of my doing btw, I shut the system down a few nights ago, and when I re-booted the system a few days later, it had become a virtual drive. This 'now' virtual drive is recognized in windows 10 pro which I'm using, and it shows up in diskpart as well as drive 1. In windows it's listed as this device is working properly, and it's listed as online, with – 0 bytes (in size) and 0 bytes free. And it is listed as read only, but in Disk manager it refuses to initialize, and it is listed as unknown, but its online. Now for the best part, when I check the events in the properties area I get this – Device USBSTORDisk&Ven_&Prod_VirtualDisk&Rev_00000123ACE&0 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match. Last Device Instance Id: SCSIDisk&Ven_ST1000LM&Prod_035-1RK17200000 – Class Guid: {4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} – Location Path: – Migration Rank: 0xF000FE00FFFFF120 – Present: false – Status: 0xC0000719

  • I have a drive (one of a dozen in my btrfs RAID5 array which for some reason refuses to mount without) that was working fine yesterday. It's not showing up at all now. If I connect it to a USB enclosure, the USB enclosure doesn't show up in lsusb. If I put a known good drive in the same enclosure connected to the same port it works perfectly – I can even access the files. If I hot swap the drive directly into my system, it gets detected and the kernel tries to soft reset it. It refuses the SATA soft reset command. All Linux is able to tell me is "device not ready"– and that's after it downgraded the link to 3.0Gbps (it's supposed to be a SATA3 6.0Gbps device). I know it's a shot in the dark facing the wrong way to ask this in the YouTube comments but… any thoughts?

  • So how do i fix 'device is not ready' without deleting the files inside my externarl drive? And what is this drive.bat. Help!

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