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Hi there Aakash here with a new video…..

I made this video for the fix of android phones or tablets.Remember this is not for BRICKED phones or tablets.

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21 Replies to “How to fix stuck on booting logo screen or boot loop on android phones or tablets”

  1. My cellphone is TECNO L5. It stuck and if it is shut down it is not rise.What is the problem and how can i solve it.

  2. What do you do if you can't take the battery out? It won't shut off and it won't turn on it's stuck on the Alcatel 7 Logo then it shuts down then it starts up again then it shuts down then it starts up again I can't get it into any kind of a mode that will make it work I can't do the power and the volume down switch that don't work either I can't shut it off I can't turn it on it's just stuck how do I fix that? Thank you for your time

  3. It worked very well, simple to do because he explains it all and easy to understand, for me it worked on step 4, for me step 2 was impossible. I tried step 3 but it didn’t work so I started thinking that it was either a internal issue or something downloaded, so I did a factory reset/data reset, and that worked. Thank you so much and if I have and issue again I will come back to you.

    The 1000 people who disliked this video are just people who just go around disliking videos for the fun of it or the few that the steps didn’t work.

  4. Bhaee mera Huawei k fon me Batry lgate hi apne ap khulne lgta hai pr khulta nahi hai bas bar bar khudse hi on hota hai aur Huawei ka symbol akr bnd ho jata hai kya poblem hai and solution kya hai plz bataye

  5. My stupid phone wont respond as sson as i push buttins it comes on flashes android for a second then vibrates and keeps repeating untill i pull the battery is it dead?

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