How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10

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Want to know what to do when a USB Device Is Not Recognized in Windows 10? USB connection errors, such as Error Code 43 message is very common. This error is caused by faulty hardware, out of date software, driver issue and conflicts. There are a couple of common types of yellow exclamation mark errors, one is the device has no driver and windows don’t recognize the device without it, the device might be named which is a good sign and easier to fix then the later USB problem, where the device is unknown to windows.

So, let’s start troubleshooting this USB problem:

1. Remove all USB devices from the computer apart from Keyboard and Mouse.
2. Try changing port and changing USB cable
3. Try updating windows
4. Try running Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter tool
5. Try updating drivers for all USB Hubs and USB Root
6. Try uninstalling drivers for all USB Hubs and USB Root and restart computer
7. Try Roll Back Drivers option if available, windows may of updated your driver and now it don’t work.
8. Download drivers from the hardware manufacturer website
9. Try flashing motherboard BIOS
10. Download latest USB chipset drivers and USB drivers from motherboard manufacturer website
11. Check for USB 3 and USB 2 compatibility, also check to make sure you are using the right USB cable if it’s a old device.
12. Check Hardware id code and search to find the correct driver
13. Check to see if hardware is even compatible with Windows 10

These are just some basic steps you can try and resolve How to Fix a USB Device Problem in Windows 10

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  • my phone got frp locked and im tryna fix it using odin but my phone has this issue and my odin cant detect my phone i hope this fixes it

  • First . go to control panel and search administration tool without clicking on that application
    Second. There will be an option for. Create and format hard disk partitions , click on it
    Third. Scroll or it will be there name of your usb drive.
    Fourth. Right click and click on format
    Then press ok.

    Done . by the way you can go on disk management instead of this long process

  • This is the problem with Microsoft. If you have the time to go through this nonsense great. If you dont, buy a mac. Problem solved.

  • This is likely the best video I've seen on this "device descriptor request failed" USB issue. I wonder what the root cause is of Windows to just fail to recognize a device that's been used for a long time, despite no recent hardware changes or updates.

  • goddamn it. im trying to connect an oculus rift S, and have been thrown from website to forum to youtube and back again searching for a solution to this issue. FOR WEEKS. and NOTHING has worked…

  • all not working i have raze serien USBVID_1532&PID_0503&REV_0107&MI_00
    but nothink happen it was working but now is stopped

  • does windows update have something to do with the device(usb) being unrecognized? i used to transfer files in windows 7 before without this error, but when i switched to windows 10 this error just showing up. And here;s the thing, when i am restoring my system my usb is now working fine.

  • Hi all as per my experience issue was with my mobile. Laptop USB drivers get updated automatically after giving restart to laptop. Actually issue was in mobile setting – additional setting – developer options ( USB Debugging should was off i switch to on) problem solved

  • My mouse still prompts the same issue after having done all the options. 🙁 please help. Have the razer basilisk ultimate and the wireless receiver just keeps on prompting same code 43 error even after troubleshooting the drivers

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