How to fix windows folder in Bluestacks 4

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I have just found a new error on the BlueStacks version 4. There is an error such that we are unable to copy files between BlueStacks and Windows PC. The folder named windows in BlueStacks can’t be opened. This video is a 100% alternative method to copy files between BlueStacks and Windows. There was a question mark which could be seen on BlueStacks.
The Question Mark is seen because the ES File Explorer Which We May Have used Cannot support this. This is very easy to fix method of resolving this Question Mark Problem on the Bluestacks version 4. The Bluestacks version 4 has created a lot more problems to it’s users. So, to solve this issue, I will keep posting videos. So, I would like to request you to keep subscribed to my channel and to press the bell icon. This Shared Folder in Bluestacks is used to transfer files between bluestacks and the computer. and since this shared folder is not working there is a simple trick to resolve this issue. The Grayed Out Bluestacks folder can be fixed. No matter any file explorer from the play store that we are using, we may not be able to solve this issue. You can follow me to know how to solve this issue. You can follow me by subscribing and also by pressing the bell icon. There is an inbuilt file manager in BlueStacks which can be used to solve this.
Why you can’t open this Windows folder is because that this file is not recognized as a folder by your current file exploring system.


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