How To Fix Your SDK location contains non ASCII characters | Android Studio

Command – mklink /D “C:android-sdk” “C:Usersx userAppDataLocalAndroidsdk”

In this video we will see how to fix Your SDK location contains non ASCII characters error in android studio. This error occurs due to non-english characters in system path or folder or file name with non english character like spanish,arabic,chinese and other character. Android studio saves sdk file in following system path – C:Usersx userAppDataLocalAndroidsdk
So maybe your pc/Windows name in different language or sdk path you selected has non english character, So in this video we changed android location to local disk (C:)/android-sdk. If you get these types of error when you open your project file change files name or folder name containing your project file to english characters if those are in different language. This will fix the issue(android studio installation problem. This solution will work on (Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Windows Server includes all 32bit and 64bit Versions).

Follow these simple steps to fix android studio error Your SDK location contains non ASCII characters
1) Open Windows File Explorer
2) Open This PC(My Computer)
3) Open Local Disk(C:)
4) Open Users
5) Replace x username with your pc/Windows Username in Following Command:
mklink /D “C:android-sdk” “C:Usersx userAppDataLocalAndroidsdk”
6) Copy command
7) Go To Windows Search
8) Search cmd
9) Right Click on cmd select run as administrator
10) Press Ctrl+V(Paste Command)
11) Press Enter (You will see new android-sdk folder in (C:) Drive
12) Go To Android Studio
13) Click On Edit (Edit Option Of android sdk location)
14) Click On Directory Option
15) Select android-sdk folder we just created
16) Click OK
17) Click Next
18) Click Next
19) Click Finish
20) Click OK
Done! Problem Solved
Your SDK location contains non ASCII characters fixed

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