38 Replies to “How to Flash ADB via sideload on Asus Zenfone”

  1. Where can I get the recovery file? My firmware doesnt have it.
    When Im in the cmd it say: cant read the firmware file, please help!!

  2. please help me error C:UsersqbchuDownloadsADB Fastboot Tool>adb sideload UL-ASUS_A001-WW-14.1010.1711.64-user.zip
    error: protocol fault (no status)

  3. I Tried To Many Time But My Phone Is Not Detected By PC , I Had Allready Install Intel Drv Again N Again But Nothing Happen Plz Help me..

  4. in firmware there is a recovery folder not recovery.img file and in that folder recovery-from-boot.p file and a bin folder and in bin folder install-recovery.sh file

  5. Thanks a ton!! for this post. It worked like charm. I had thought I need to go to service center and follow their crappy customer service. You seriously made my day, THANKS!!!!!! ( to XDA thread )

  6. its not happening… on usb the device is charging when switched off its still as usual handsets do… now the point is how to start in recovery mode …explain with a video..

  7. cara meu zenfone 2 não liga fui atualizar o sistema pelo twrp formatei mais não deu certo na assistência diz que não sobe software existe chance de arruma? ?????

  8. I have a assus far when I try to go into recovery mode it does not in and displays a battery icon with a question symbol ! already choked him to carry from one day to the other thought it would be because of low battery and not more ! and another when I turn it on PC it is restarting all the time help me by fovor . ?

  9. Can you help me , when my asus zenfone 5 system updated it say that failed and i click apply update from ADB , and i dont know what i do cuz my cp can't open till know ?

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