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Firmware download:

MXQ 4K RK3229 Smart TV Box KODI 15.2 Preinstalled Android 4.4 1G/8G H.264/H.265 10Bit WIFI LAN HDMI DLNA AirPlay Miracast

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25 Replies to “How to flash rom to mxq 4k rk3229 tv box”

  1. Cara da uma explicação sadia, a ROM que voce pois MXQ 4K ela é 2016, vai funcionar em placa de 2017 igual a minha? O android da minha é 7.1.1

  2. aqui esta el fowrare que se ve en la pantalla

  3. my box is bricked i flashed wrong frimware now it dont recognise on PC help pls, its MXQ pro 4k rockchip rk3229 help pls

  4. Watched you're video but you did it all back words all you need is USB 2.0 to flash if u plug in power cable it won't work the PC powers the flash would be nice if u showed where u got the firmware from first and had ur camera pointed at the screen of ur PC any how only batch tool 1.7 only works plus you need rockchip driver v4.4 but u left no Link's and update_rk3229_mx9_rtl8189_20160322 disc image file only that's it ur all good

  5. This is correct method.
    About A-A male-male usb cable: everyone can make it by two cables. Connection of wires is color to color – black to black, red to red, green to green and white to white.

  6. If you want to help people it would be good to have a sound and show a clearer picture of the steps on doing it. Or if your prefer not to speak for whatever reason you should have made que cards for people to read and follow.  Just a suggestion and because of this I rate your DIY 1 *

  7. hello I own an android box r39 with flash rom RK3229 that is stuck to sending on the written androidi I wanted to ask if I can follow this guide to restore it considering that with the reset I was not successful.

  8. Hi i have the same Box MXQ-4K but its not connecting in batch tool. i exactly did the same method. please help someone.

  9. Tried it and it doesnt work. My box turns on with the USB alone but wont detect on windows. Even though its in recovery mode on the other channel. This Boxes are so shit and the dude who posted it didnt even explain shit or whatever. What a faggot

  10. Worst how to video ever. No sound? Cant see anything of importance? Yes, lets upload it right now!!

  11. no audio… bad angle for viewing so it's a guessing game… especially for the file names… I get it how to flash but would like a better video as not to make an error… thanks

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