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This is a tutorial on how to get the free Adobe product, Adobe Flash CS5.5! If you liked this, subscribe, comment, and like this video!

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32 Replies to “How To Get Adobe Flash CS5.5 (FREE!)”

  1. Hey guys! Know it's been a while (*cough* a year), but thank you sooo much for watching and for all of the comments! I'll be putting out more videos soon.

  2. on my download it says Adobe flash CS6 and on your version it says adobe flash cs5.5 :/ and After the installation my computer started to lag.

  3. Guys in his folder that hosts thing I don't buy it I've got a feeling he could control our computers with that like so others can see

  4. I kinda find this to be sketchy, why would you need to replace your host folder in your system 32 folder in order for this to work?

  5. THANK YOU FOR GOD'S SAKE THANK YOU when I first started installing and looked at the instructions they didn't make any sense so thanks for this guide

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