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Adoptable Storage is a new feature Google introduces in Android Marshmallow. It can “adopt” your SD card and use it to extend your internal storage. This partition feature is not available on all phones because it was removed. This app can bring back support for Adoptable Storage on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S5, LG G5, G4, Huawei G Play and more.


36 Replies to “How to get Adoptable Storage on any Android Marshmallow phone without PC. (Galaxy S7, LG G4, etc)”

  1. I made an adoptable storage on a sd card . But i formated the phone , now i can't use my sd card,thet say to format and use sd . it contains lot of my data
    , What should i do?

  2. Root access is needed. Rooting your device voids warranty and will disable DRM Apps like Netflix, Hulu not sure about You Tube.

  3. Схуяли память просто стала системной ?! Не внутренней, а СИСТЕМНОЙ БЛЯТЬ!!!
    ЧЁ ЗА ХУЙНЯ ?!

  4. My device is rooted and after i did this the games i want to install say not enough space. When i connect my device to my pc i only see device storage. its like my sd card is gone.

  5. Please help im using samsung j5 and I've done everything but its still not working.. I even followed all steps correctly.. About the install after i installed it its still not working. I need more space on my phone please help

  6. I have samsung galaxy on5 and the phone is not rooted. however i heard the ADB process wont work. So is there any workaround for galaxy on5?

  7. I've read of some success on the galaxy on5, but every time I install the asplugin via twrp from either recovery or the flasher option, root essentials treats it as if I don't have the plugin installed and keeps showing me the popup saying to download asplugin, I do have root access. What do I do?

  8. Hey I tried to use the Adoptable Storage function and followed the instructions that said that I needed to download ASPlugin, but after installing it (it went into TWRP and said to use Adoptable Storage again from TWRP recovery) Adoptable Storage just gives me the instructions again.

    My phone is a Galaxy On5 G550t running Marshmallow.

  9. I have samsung galaxy S5 and my phone hasn't been rooted…If this app need the device to be roted to use adoptable storage device? Thanx u very much…I really apreciate it

  10. Root Essentials – Russian translation is now live!
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  11. will this work for unrooted galaxy s7 and i have the international exynos version and how do i root my galaxy s7 without problems. is it going to work 100%?

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