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In this video, I’ll show you how to install extra memory for games and apps on your Sony Bravia TVTV. In addition, you will see how to move selected applications to external memory or back to TV memory.

The whole is very simple. Just connect the pendrive to the TV. If you are not sure whether it works, connect it to your computer. Select Format and format the memory for FAT32. Now connect the memory.

The system will suggest you to run the memory in one of the default applications. Use this option if you want to view the contents of the disk. You can select Set ip as internal storage at this stage or do so from the TV settings.

External memory can be useful when you are installing a lot of applications and you are missing space. Transfer applications to free up space on your TV. Remember that TV storage is the default memory for installing new applications. You will not change this, so it’s always a good idea to keep some space for new apps.

If you disconnect the memory extended from the TV, you will not have access to the applications installed on it.


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10 Replies to “How to get more storage for your Android TV? How to move app on internal storage?”

  1. Thank you so much. Problem solved.. It worked for us… One thing we have make before moving apps we have clear cache data and user data.

  2. This video worked fine for my Sony x800e TV and the process was simple. For me the question now is what is the best setup, where performance doesn't suck. So far I'm using just a 128GB Sandisk Ultra Flair USB in my USB3 port, but those sticks might be too slow for system memory. I'll try the Sandisk Extreme GO (or PRO) next if it's jerky. In general my TV can get pretty unresponsive when memory is tight, and there's no way I know of to limit the amount of memory any one application can use. The only app I have that uses a LOT is my screensaver, and that app will happily use everything it can get….

  3. Finally a helpful video for android boxes. A little quick with the words but hey short and sweet easy to pause subed and liked thanks!

  4. I added a 2 tb drive to my shield then decided to remove my 2tb drive. When I reinstalled the contents back to the shield the appsI I downloaded stayed in the 2 tb drive. I need to empty the 1.1 gb remaining in 2 tb drive.How can I do this ?Thanks you

  5. Hi, do you ever have any issues where the USB drive gets ejected when it's in standby. My apps go missing every other day.

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