How to identify fake Kingston v300 SSD

Bought a Kingston V300 120GB at a famous online shopping website Lxxxxx.

I’m try to install at a new computer but windows installation always jam. When i try to update the firmware, so surprise Kingston software unable to detect it. Than i realize it is fake item.

Luckily I am using a genuine same model. So let see the different.


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  • me too, i got scammed, it worked for a year and the kapeech, it was a lot lighter than an original 120gig (original) i had around the place. Bought off ebay, watch out people!

  • Yeah. Got myself a fake V300 120GB myself off eBay. Seller "awesome-bar". The packaging has the pop bubbles, the big card label looks a little more like the real version but not fully. The back of the SSD looks genuine. But the label on the drive is slightly crooked and it came formated to 60GB instead of 120GB. It's phantom technology label is also fake. The purple bit alters colour. But the red doesn't.

  • I just ordered a 480gb ocz ssd for $94 and in the shipment tracking it says it's coming from Beijing, should i be worried?

  • Great video, it just helps to confirm that I received a fake Kingston SSD from eBay today. Mine came in an unsealed packaging, no spacer, the colour-changing hologram thing doesn't change colour and the firmware version on the label doesn't match the internal firmware version. Also included with mine was a red plastic 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 adapter, 4 loose screws rattling around in the box, SATA cables and a small screwdriver.

    UPDATE the eBay seller I got mine from is 'smartbuybar', they have been trading since 2009 and there are lots of complaints in their feedback about fake SSDs, seems eBay doesn't give a shit as long as it's raking in the fees and lets them keep on trading.

    There was a thread regarding fake Kingston SSDs on the eBay discussion boards yesterday and eBay not liking criticism deleted it today.

  • Thanks for the video.
    I bought mine off ebay and as soon as it arrived I suspected something – mainly the unsealed packaging, then I found this.
    Thanks 🙂

  • thank you for your suggestion about capacity. in the end i sent the drive to kingston uk who verified it was a fake copy. over 100 were sold but how many know or care if its fake until it fails or is suddenly full at a fraction of the capacity. bought a new drive form a genuine computer firm and it passes as ok with colour change strip and works in kingston drive managet. i told ebay twice but no feedback

  • hi  I suspect mine is fake sort of ,the package was sealed but has the 2 dimples as device manager its in capitals and dosnt have usb but not identical as in vid.  in ssd manager it does not show a device but if you click a box it says update failedand freezes evey time.the colour change dosnt, sent pics to Kingston who cant confirm either way.i asked more questions and am waiting for a reply.they suggested sending it to them but it works ok but cant confirm it 120gb either.  your  advice appreciated please. h a n d

  • shit i buy a fake!(
    read 500mb write 80mb
    4kb blocks write 2 mb!

    kingston ssd manager not recognize it

    why i dont watch this video before buy(((

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