How to Increase Storage on Firestick 4K with USB Flash Drive

This tutorial will teach you how to increase storage on Firestick 4K with a USB flash drive and free app called Remote ADB Shell.

One of the most annoying features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is that it only comes with 8GB of storage. After the Amazon system apps are added, there is approximately 5GB left.

Luckily, we can expand storage on the Firestick 4K just like we can on the Amazon Fire TV Cube and older Fire TV Boxes with this secret hack.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following.

– Fire TV Stick 4K –
– OTG Cable –
– USB 3.0 Flash Drive –
– Rufus Drive Utility (only if formatting needed) –
– Remote ADB Shell App – I show how to install this in video

🎯 Important Links

🎁 Free TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer –

🔐 Troy’s recommended VPN with discount –

You may find a screenshot tutorial for this process on the TROYPOINT Website at


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  • Troy, after I downloaded ADB SHELL I then entered my IP address. From there I clicked on connect and all it did was spin in a circle, what am i doing wrong?

  • The process worked but when I install an app it has the usb sign but it’s still taking the storage from my fire stick and shows 0b on my usb

  • Tried this with both of my 4k Alexa firesticks and multiple usb drives including a brand new SanDisk drive and none of this BS works. Firestick recognizes and mounts the drives, says only Micro SD cards can be used to expand storage and then you can't get by this ADB Shell BS. It does nothing and won't connect to the drive, just spins trying to connect for as long as you want to stare at it. Problem with Troy Point is that there is no trouble shooting or explanation of possible problems.

  • after entering the command df -h, you assumed there were no problems. I followed you every step of the way but had some error message that started with Error:java.lang.illegalStateException:java….too long to type. I'll email a copy of the screen shot

  • I’ve tried everything I can think of adb just will not connect to my firetv I even tried using a pc

  • It's working. But my FireTV Stick restarting frequently. Any solution for this one? Is there the shortest way to move files to USB.

  • Hi Troy, I put my entire storage as private but it takes a long time for it to format. The USB is 120 GB. Why is it taking so long for it to format when I check ES Explorer?

  • my man;;;;; BY FAR//// HANDS DOWN…. the best step by step video i HAVE EVER USED. kudos to you my dude

  • on the radb connection how long does it take to make a connection normally? mine keeps buffering on a 32 gb flash deive

  • I caught part of what you were doing. New to cutting the cord here. And, was wondering why you were doing each step. And, why that way and not some other way. In part the thinking and understanding a head and down the road to becoming more 2xperanced and advance ad hour level for us new guys to have a better grasp to all those steps and save us on the learning curve.

  • If I want to use the storage for apps what would move the apps over? Would I use the same process. Where would the partition show if i just want to use it as a storage after I run the df- h if I use the private command?

  • I have an AuviPal 2-in-1 Powered Micro USB OTG Adapter, but when I plug my ethernet adaptor into it, my FireTV 4K does not recognise that it's attached. Is there something I need to input into the CLI for the FireTV to recognise that the ethernet adaptor is attached? Thanks…

  • Really good and nice explanation of all the processea including the moving part. Couldn't find another one who explains it so well. But it there also an opportunity to move the app back to the internal drive? I tried pm move-package com.disney.disneyplus emulated and storage/emulated but it both didn't work. I used all of the 16gb storage and want to mix is now. Thanks in advance

  • Hi. I am living in Jamaica I bought the adapter to increase my storage, I connected it and to the firestick and with success. I've followed your tutorial by installing the adb shell. I inputted the ip address but couldn't move on after that. I want to know what I did wrong. Help. Lyndon

  • Hi Troy, thanks for the excellent video. ok now if i want my usb back to my normal condition how to do this. please answer

  • Hi man, thanks for all your videos from ITALY…I have some questions…sorry for my english….
    1- if i decide to expande my firestick's memory as you said in this video can i go back and restore everything to default settings
    2- how can i decide which program put on usb and which not
    3- I use kodi and some addons (KOD/ELEMENTUM…) for video,tv shows and films….it's better to keep kodi on firestick or on the usb device

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