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So, Here is my quick guide on how to install a custom ROM on the Xiaomi Mi 8, although the basic steps will work on all Xiaomi phones. I’m going to be going through step by step on how to UNLOCK your BOOTLOADER, Install TWRP and finally install the Custom ROM of your choosing.

– It will void your warranty. If you wish to install any type of custom ROM on your smartphone and if anything goes wrong, then the manufacturer is not responsible for it.
– You may brick your phone or your phone may not power on thereafter.
– The Xiaomi Mi 8 phone may become more sluggish and laggy if you install non-optimized custom ROM on the devices.


Download MiUnlock Tool:


Official MIUI 9.5 Gloabl:


29 Replies to “How To Install A Custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi 8 – MIUI 10, Xiaomi eu, MIUI 9.5 Global”

  1. Please i have a question my phone has enabled the fast charge it was alone i dont have any problème in the battery please can you give me a opinion 😓😞

  2. The people who seen "Press any key to shutdown" error when they connect their USB, make sure you're connected to a USB 2.0

  3. I done instal twrp and nothing error, but when i run fastboot.exe boot dipper.img, its only reboot normaly (not to TWRP recovery). When i turn off phone and go to recovery mode its still xioami stock recovery.

  4. If you get stuck with powershell not recognizing your fastboot device, try different usb ports or a different PC. I tried on my Win10 PC first, couldn't get it to work, then I tried my Win7 laptop, and it worked like a charm. 🙂

  5. What about if my mi8 SE is Android Oreo and the rom is MIUI 10.3 global version wiht android pie ?? It doesn't even matter or should i find a miui 10.3 with oreo?

  6. If you get stuck in bootloop after flashing your new ROM:
    1. Hold down the Volume Up button and Power Button during the boot loop. This will boot you into TWRP.
    2. Now click 'wipe' and 'format all data'. This will wipe all of the previous data partition on your phone that is causing the boot loop.
    3. The phone should automatically restart. If not just click 'reboot' in TWRP.
    4. Your phone will now restart and will take about 5 minutes to load up fully.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Once it's done, if I reset to factory settings, would the phone lose global ROM and go back to Chinese one again?
    Ps. I've done it last September, Thanks again!

  8. For anyone doing this who is on MIUI 10, make sure you grab the latest version of TWRP (currently 3.3.1-dipper). The linked version in description would not boot for me.

    Besides that, great instructions, thanks! I am running Pixel Experience now and loving it.

  9. No matter what I try I cannot get my Mi9 to boot into TWRP? Does anyone know why it will only boot to fastboot screen or reboot?

  10. Hey can you help me
    I tried on my xiaomi redmi note 5 pro and install the samsung experience rom and it worked
    But its now saying "your phone is encrypted for start up your device ,enter your password" i dont know what password
    I tried factory reset but it didnt worked

  11. After booting TWRP.img there was no TWRP folder available to copy the latest Miui Rom into, tried copying direct onto /sdcard several times and it failed each time, unable to create new folders…this means I'm unable to proceed further than 5:50 🙁

  12. помочь с прошивкой и восстановлением из кирпича, так же руссификацией

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