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Learn how to install and setup your driver for your Samsung copier in OSX 10.10.

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11 Replies to “How to install a Samsung Driver for Mac OSX 10.10”

  1. go to: and shoose your country and below is search for your model now you see all drivers. for perfectly fit to your you mac os version can change your mac os version for drivers on under your printer model name on the web site.


  3. oh yes this easier than windows… every program I want to run has a windows work around or some dumb way to make it work on my mac…. whats the point?…. useless

  4. I went to and my stie is a completely different layout. Finally I found the downloads for OS other than Windows and my Mac still wouldn't download it. 🙁

  5. Thank you, I am not an IT person at all. I have saved this link in my bookmarks for the next time I have to install this! I spent all day trying to install according to Samsung instructions. You have saved this printer from certain death by window drop. (samsung C48x series)

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