This is a small video to guide you in installing the ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Windows Desktop!
Link to the Drivers:

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  • 1.When i open device manager in my laptop it does not show android device…and when i try to update zuk z1 driver i cant find the adb drivers when i browse.
    2.When i try to go into fastboot mode…the screen is stuck in zuk logo…i can only go to the recovery mode.

    What to do…i am using cm 12.1 preview with the watermark now..

  • bro plzz help me now i cant run my normal os so plz help contact me plz urgent , my phone restrating automaticaliy so plzzz help me i need to direct chat to you plzz help out from here

  • Thanks Bro, I have been trying this for weeks. You made my day but unfortunately i didnt know my data will be erased still Thanks 🙂

  • the link given in the description does not take me to the mentioned lin in video. something like this is appearing http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/dPBJVVPC/file.html

  • Join our telegram group for more help. @ http://t.me/officialzuk
    The phone does go into fastboot mode after flashing via QFIL/QPST. It just shows ZUK logo in that case. Rest assured and flash the required images.

  • I flashed stock rom using QFIL. Now, when I reboot into Bootloader , It gets stuck on ZUK LOGO… Can you help me for opening the Fast Boot Mode?

  • Hi! I have unbricked my phone from your tutorial and now I'm not able to install fastboot drivers as when I reboot into Bootloader , It gets stuck on ZUK LOGO,But when I long press power button it reboots normally, plzz help me for opening the Fast Boot Mode

    Plzz help me how do I open Fastboot Mode/Bootloader

  • Hi! Hey I'm not able to install fastboot drivers as when I reboot into Bootloader , It gets stuck on ZUK LOGO,But when I long press power button it reboots normally, plzz help me for opening the Fast Boot Mode.

  • Hi! Hey I'm not able to install fastboot drivers as when I reboot into Bootloader , It gets stuck on ZUK LOGO,But when I long press power button it reboots normally, plzz help me for opening the Fast Boot Mode.

  • Hi! Hey I'm not able to install fastboot drivers as when I reboot into Bootloader , It gets stuck on ZUK LOGO,But when I long press power button it reboots normally, plzz help me for opening the Fast Boot Mode.

  • Hello i have zuk 1 i make fastboot unlocked after i finished my device not working only restarted after one sacand i need selection please

  • Hello
    My device is recognized in normal mode (adb devices) but it is not detected in fastboot mode.
    I'm using a windows 10 64 bit OS .
    Also explain about compatibility issues about usb 2.0/3.0 i have usb 3.0 on my laptop, PLEASE HELP.

  • Hey Ankur, I've followed all the steps, on my laptop it shows – "Windows has successfully updated your driver software" with the little icon and 'Android Bootloader Interface' – however, while I was doing this my phone didn't show that it was in Fastboot mode – it was just stuck at the screen where it reads 'ZUK' – problem : Fastboot isn't coming up on my phone. Help please 🙁

  • Hello, is this the only way of installing the drivers? In my laptop, the Device manager is being run by device admins who have imposed a few restrictions on my device.(who I can't ask to enable the options).

    It would be great if you could offer me another option.

    Many thanks

  • Hi, I'm thankful for your videos, I got my phone unbricked because of your instructions. Thank you very much. Would you be able to specify instructions or even make a video(if possible) on how to install NucleaROM in my Lenovo ZUK Z1. I'm currently running on Cyanogen OS 12.1. I've failed in flashing the ROM.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • after extracting it there are many files likes androidwinusb , androidwinusb86 And androidwinusb64 Please tell me which one is for driver and which is for fast bootdrivers

  • bro i installed adb driver then in enabled advanced reboot but i didn't got any option for boot loader. can you help , m doing the process right now

  • bro in u r zuk z1 video playlist tell me which video is first video ….like step by step process …pls tell that one thing

  • help me bro, for installing the fastboot drivers it is telling me to select a fille for 32 bit, what to do??

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